What happened to Adept and Maldazzar?

I stopped playing WoW for years, but I followed Mushgog/Maldazzar just because he was the best player I've even known. In addition to following his insane achieve run, it was cool seeing his videos and his clever trolling of people on forums. Looks like after Cata he's done with WoW, as are Adept? Anybody know what's up?
They are now residing in Frostmourne under the merged guild name <Suit Up>
Oh cool, thanks. Any idea which one is Mushgog? Or is he done? Seems like everyone in that guild has 16k+ achievement points.
Well his warrior is still on Blackrock unmoved, I assumed a year ago that he quit. :/
he joined the Israeli army
I bet that was tough for him to put it down. Thanks for answering the thread all.

The Israeli army... for some reason I believe you. I know at one point in my WoW history somebody took a week or two off because of travel and Israel. Not sure if it was him or not, definitely happened with somebody though.
Maldazzar quit WoW, Adept moved to FM Alliance, most of them quit, there's like a couple left such as Forest, Klinda hangs around on WoW still but doesn't raid with them, most of Suit Up is new members but the officer core is generally Adept members, they merged with Tsunami to form Suit Up.

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