Rate My First Elegon Kill - Disc

3.8% away from a WoL ranking...

How can I improve??

Any tips moving onto Will of the Emperor on Wednesday??

Here's our first Elegon kill (last night); we 2-heal, and my partner's top heal was Atonement.

Help your raid kill the boss quickly and Smite moar on that one! My Disc priest friend is by *no* means a good Disc priest (was a resto druid in Cata, it's been a bit of a rough transition for him) but Elegon is one fight where Atonement - especially with its new & improved 40 yard range - is the thing to do.


... note he didn't even use Barrier a single time on that kill.... sigh... he has a lot to learn yet ;)
Snipe everything with Spirit Shell if you want to rank.

Or be super cool and do nothing but Smite the whole fight and do 80k DPS.

But yeah Atonement is really really good and should be used a lot.
Your Spirit Shell ought to account for more healing than it is. How often were you using it? Your Penance use is also very low. And, as others have said, Atonement is really great for that fight.

Unless I am missing something major you are not using penance anywhere near enough. It's not showing up at all under damage dealt and you only show 15 ticks of it for healing (so 5 casts total).

It absolutely destoys both holy fire and smite as an atonement heal, and can also be used for building grace.
yeah, by Smite, I just mean Atonement dps/heal with everything you have.
Ok, For reference this was my first fight back in Disc since Cata. Been Holy through MSV up until now.
Getting used to the the new/old CD's again. :)

But this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

Spirit Shell I'll focus on. I'm fully aware my usage of it wasn't great. I was struggling timing it for Annihilations. Any signs to watch for to give more than the 5 sec cast warning to have a good 10-12 secs to build decent shields?

Penance. I don't know why, but it didn't click that I could use it for atonement healing... Memory has gone to !@#$ hahah. Definitely going to be used on CD from now on!

Another thing I was half struggling with was maximizing Rapture. I was getting Ok returns but it's hard to constantly be in range of someone who is guaranteed to to have the PW:S get broken. Out of 22 cast shields (Out of a possible 45ish rapture procs in a vacuum 9 min fight) only about 17 triggered rapture (From my napkin math)
Just something else to focus on.

Need a bit of work and practice but I missed out on first 4 bosses this week cause I was too hungover hahaha. I think I did Ok for my first fight in Disc.

Any good disc tips for WotE??
If you don't already have anything set to a focus target, you can focus the add and watch the bar. I usually just turn my camera to keep an eye on it.

If your tanks aren't in range of you, tell them to work on it—especially if your raid is having ranged jumping at the edge to clear stacks. Otherwise, just work on recognizing damage patterns. The spark explosions should break your shield, so you can put it on just about anyone.

For Will, you'll pretty much be focused on tank healing. Raid damage is minimal, except during gas phases. Work Spirit Shell on your tanks during the boss combos to catch the heavy damage they deal direct after. You should know how many casts of Greater Heal cause your SS to hit its target cap.
Spirit Shell I'll focus on. I'm fully aware my usage of it wasn't great. I was struggling timing it for Annihilations. Any signs to watch for to give more than the 5 sec cast warning to have a good 10-12 secs to build decent shields?

It really depends on how good your dps is. For my raid team I start casting Spirit Shell as soon as the add spawns. You have a window of about 27 seconds for spirit shell to be used up from the time you start casting it. Your dps should be able to kill that add in less than 27 seconds.

Rapture during the normal phase is easy, drop it on the tank or heck drop it on yourself before annihilation's. During phase 2 you really won't have many opportunities to get raptures unless you cast it on yourself and stand in a blue circle. You could try to get it on the tank if they are picking adds up fast enough but if your dps is killing add too fast chances are it won't proc.
How I ranked number 1 for 2.5 months on normal Elegon: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6794980143
nice heals
Spirit shell annihilations early on. Later on, when he's taking way more damage, spam atonement while shell is on CD. I typically run with smite/holy fire glyphs while disc, and now that it's 40 yards, it's even better.
Someone told me I ranked in my Feng attempt last night. I can't seem to find it *sad gnome face is sad*.

Back on topic, gratz on them beast heals! :D Atonement is just tooo much fun on Elegon.

As for Will...that one is kinda boring to heal. It's pretty much spam heal the tanks and pre-spirit shell when titan gas comes. Don't be afraid to power infusion yourself when your going smite-trigger happy. 20% haste never hurt anyone right? ;)
My priest has 476 gear, very hard to 2 heal elegon or will. Just sayin'

In fact, I don't even attempt known failure and get to log on my dps.
Thanks for all the help guys... It's much appreciated.

Tiesha, that 27sec tip for SS is brilliant! It should have been so obvious but it clearly wasn't... Now I find myself being aware of getting up SS a lot earlier and managing mana a lot better.

WotE was VERY rough haha. I think I'll need more gear for two healing that one. It's the only fight I've come up against this tier that I "feel" I just don't have the throughput. Tanks were getting munched following combos and even rotating CD's they were getting hammered. Maybe the go in the future will be to have one tank CD after combos so I can focus heals on the other, once the CD tank is fully shielded, and rotate them that way as well as having their and my big CD's for the gas phases.
We had a few goes at two healing it then switched to three just to soften the combos through gas, which was really the only time I was failing hard. Three healing was certainly helping us push further through the fight, but DPS was low, hell even two healing our DPS was low and the healers were getting thumped (not huge damage, but you can't kite, heal AND stay in range of tanks! At least I can't) by rages that would take forever to drop.
The tanks learned pretty quick how to dodge all combos and were getting decent numbers on opportunistic strike, however our melee was lucky to get two or three in a 10min attempt. Very frustrating constantly healing the stunned rogue.

Babelon, I don't think we were struggling for healing when it was needed on Elegon (I'm 474 and nearly ranked so ilvl wise you should be fine.), it was more DPS being low/slow and typical learning time for placement of adds and working on getting enough time beating up the boss to push phases a bit quicker. It's crazy how much 5% lost damage on the boss at the start can hurt your raid later in that fight.

We extended the raid lock for last nights attempts on WotE, no kill so we're not saved, minus maybe RL. Going back in to farm first 4 shortly (maybe actually get a bloody healing drop this time... 9 boss kills and not a single item for me!)

Thanks again guys! Any more tips, keep them coming.

edit: Logs in case anyone has feedback. http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-jb0tn8qye672bagq/
Using Spirit Shell while under the effects of Touch of the Titans is probably a bad idea since it doesn't scale with the 50% healing buff like DA does. The only time i would recommend using SS is during Stage Three when you are unable to recieve the benefits of Touch of the Titans.

I would also recommend throwing at least 3 shields on Players during phase 2 when rapture is up. Once each add is killed the raid will take damage and all of your shields should break, resulting in significant mana from rapture procs.

Here are my logs from one of our Elegon kills if you wish to look through them:


-While these are 25H logs the healing rotations are the same as if you are doing it on normal(minus total annihilation healing).

As far as you Will of the Emperor fight is concerned you can clearly see where the issues are.


Your melee need A LOT more work in getting Opportunistic strikes
Unfortunately, I believe blizz took away our multiple rapture proc =(

For will, tell ur melee to stop humping the boss, he has a large hit box and if they are at the edge of it, they will find more success in dodging the combos.

Have ur 2 strongest healers be responsible for 1 tank each and have your weakest healer swing to whomever needs help and take care of the raid. You can still help out on the other tank but don't lose focus on your tank. You'll just have to trust the other healers.

You really shouldn't have to move on this fight so I'd replace the penance glyph with smite. I also value desperate prayer over bulwark because its great to use along with void shift and if u have a lock stone to boot....winning!

Ive found that the tanks take a lot of damage on pull, just kiting the bosses into position so do ur normal prepull routine---shield- prayer mending- penance (to stack grace).
But then pain suppress him--send out mind bender--holy fire--smite away to build up for archangel but try to maintain grace on him. The tanks also take a lot of damage right after the combos so use ur cool downs for this.

You'll have to be good about rotating ur cool downs. Dont forget about barrier, use it right after a combo on ur tank because he should be sitting still at that time. Rotate spirit shell and archangel/inner focus. Build ur evangelism during combos because he shouldnt be taking damage at this time. Try not to pop a shield on both tanks at the same time, stagger them for rapture. Pop mind bender right before u use hymn because you'll get more mana back that way. Do this during combos because of the low damage at this time. If you need to do it when damage is being delt, then use pain suppression, barrier or stacked spirit shell as buffers while u channel hymn or potion of concentration. You might want to ask him to blow a cooldown also but dont panic if he's knocking at deaths door, pop void shift after ur done channeling.

Also on a side note. Beg, borrow and steal or open your piggy bank and get a jade spirit enchant for your weapon. Up time is now a sexy 40%
Babelon, I don't think we were struggling for healing when it was needed on Elegon (I'm 474 and nearly ranked so ilvl wise you should be fine.), it was more DPS being low/slow and typical learning time for placement of adds and working on getting enough time beating up the boss to push phases a bit quicker.

We went back to three healing WotE and yelled at the tanks for missing so many devastating combos. When they slip up, it shows with boss % near the end like you said. But yeah, disc is better than holy for two healing this fight, you think?
Thanks Ghandi and Dasaq.

Good info from both of you!

I found myself saving barrier for gas phases to drop on the healing/ranged group, not from a lack of faith in our druid, more so as a means of knowing I won't have to take my eyes off the tanks. That can change.
I do use pain sup as more of an "oh !@#$!" retroactive CD rather than pro-active which would certainly help through combos or hymn time.
Void shift, I think I'm yet to even use that CD. Face palm.

In regards to the Jade Spirit ench, I'm still tossing up whether to throw it on my current wep or switch wep to the 489 wand from Elegon and eat the spirit loss. Either way it is on the to-do list.
Is the new uptime confirmed?

Babelon, I certainly think Disc is at and advantage on Ele, you can make up for a bit of DPS as well as keep healing and the new 40y range is great! Holy is doable for sure, but I don't think it is optimal. For my raid group especially, I think our DPS don't really pull their weight. *Hides*
I haven't tried Holy on WotE but as long as you're focused on picking up the tanks after combos it shouldn't be a problem. I'm sure it's been done. Apart from that, make your holy pal and resto sham take tanks and you can baby sit the raid.
Don't worry about using barrier for gas phase because between spirit shell, cascade and the 2 other healers you should be fine without it.

And people really don't talk about it much but void shift is awsomesauce! You can even use it on mind controlled players that can't be traditionally "healed" like on the 1st boss in HOF.

Oh yeah, Jade uptime is much better now. On will my uptime was a little lower than normal because of the fight but on all the other fights its 40%+

uptime on zorlock fight was 44%

uptime on Will was 38.8%

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