Macro Help: Unleash elements and Riptide ?

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Is it possible to macro Unleash elements and riptide together in a macro, I know it shares a global and different CD's , but there's got to be a way !
You can't write a macro to cast a spell if it's available and if not cast something else. That's not what macros are intended to do.

Use a modifier.

/cast [mod:alt] Unleash Elements; Riptide
Yeah you cannot bind two GCD spells together to fire at the same time, unless you condition them or with castsequence.

Like it's said above, and I'd add the #show for GCD timer on toggled spell

/cast [mod:alt] Unleash Elements; Riptide

If you want it cast on a friendly target, first button Unleash Elements, second click is Riptide. It'll reset back to Unleash Elements when you Riptide, or you can add a reset condition like [reset=5] so it resets 5 seconds after Unleash Elements is used if you do not Riptide after the 5 seconds.
/castsequence [exists,noharm]Unleash Elements, Riptide

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