[H] DK/Druid tanks LF Guild

Hello all,

Do to a some changes at work creating a conflict of schedule raiding in my guild, my brother and I are looking for a solid guild to raid with.

I am a 489 ilvl Blood DK with 475 ilvl unholy offspec and a 475 ilvl Arms/Fury Warrior.

He is a 485 ilvl Guardian Druid with 470 ilvl feral gear and a 481 ilvl Spriest.

We're both 8/16 T14 with knowledge of all fights. Due to attendance issues weekly, we've just been farming regular mode MV. We both are competent raiders, quick learners and know our respective classes.

We're looking for a mature guild that only raids 2 nights a week, and preferably just 3 hours each night.

We are a package deal if you're wondering.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact me on here or add my battletag: bachuie#1439.

Look myself or Talistra up. I sent RID request.

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