What old dungeons can be 2, even 5 manned?

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12/04/2012 08:38 PMPosted by Tarski
The 25M DK Cavaliers with their huge absorbing shields are really !@#$ing annoying though.

They are a paladin's best friend. A group of 8 of them allowed me to HOTR spam my way to victory in naxx 25 solo with Seal of Insight.
12/04/2012 03:00 PMPosted by Pyri
Yeah, unbalancing strike was the big damage dealer, his melee isn't enough to matter. I've only pulled him 4 times, so it's not like I've tried everything yet. That suggestion makes me wonder if it's possible to: burn the first add immediately, kite Raz around as much as possible, using shield/cooldowns/self-healing to keep health up, then when mana runs dry grabbing the MC orb. I'm assuming that MCing the remaining add will immediately switch aggro to the add, and that I'll be able to keep the add alive long enough to regenerate significant mana.

the adds have a taunt

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