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Post your best idea for a pet name! :)

I call my strand crawler the Crabaclysm. "Here comes the crabaclysm" - announcer voice

How bout you?
My Clockwork Gnome is Linguo.

Linguo is dead.
"You mad" best name.
I like Goodwillhaunting for my Lost of Lordaeron.
Darkmoon Crow = Brandon Lee
Warf Rat - Nimh
CoreHound Pup = Fizzgig
Tiny Twister - Hurricane
Clockwork Gnome = Apocoalypse
Lofty Libram - Library Book
Warbot= Johnny Five
Cheeta Cub - Maggie
Dark Phoenix Hatchling = Daryl
Azure Whelpling - Blizzy
Amber moth = flutterby
Darkmoon Zeppelin - Kashmir
Amethyst Spiderling = Charlotte
Feral Vermling - Zombie Killer
Grove Viper - Snape
Lost of Lorederon - LOST (tv show :)
Luyu Moth - Hershel
Singing Sunflower - Laura (after creator of Plants Vs. Zombies)
Vampiric Batling - Belfry
Spirit of Compition - Pinky
Garden Frog - Kissy
Sinister Squashling - Jack
Spiny Terrapin (turtle) - Leonardo
Highlands Turkey - Dinner
Wildhammer Grypon Hatchling - Freedom
Enchanted Broom - Broom Hilda
Perky Pug - Suzie Q (after my RL pug :)
Fishy - Carl
Mecnanopeep - Meep Meep
Acona Chicken - Nugget
Mr. Wiggles - Nugget
Plump Turkey - Thanksgiving

These are the ones i have named so far :) Hopefully there are some names you like and name your pet the same :) (sorry if this ends up WALL-O-TEXT)
I like semi normal names

Warpstalker hatchling-Warpy
Clefthoof Runt-Timothy
Harbringer of Death-Seann
Celestial Dragon- Thyme (had recently watched rosemary and thyme)
Fel Flame - Metarion Jr (warlock has voidwalker metarion)
Creepy Crate = Luggage, in a nod to Terry Pratchett
I'm pretty happy with my Rapana Whelk - Nine Inch Snails. I also have a Fawn called JD, and I called my Darkmoon Zepplin Led.
My clockwork gnome is named Kilroy, I also had to name my firefly Serenity, my cenarion hatchling is Bucksqueak, the jade crane chick was dubbed Sansa who is paired with Sandor the core hound pup. I think that's about it.
A lot of these are amazing; I'm totally stealing Kilroy, JD, and Brandon Lee. The only pets I've named so far are Catnaros and Fishnaros, the Pandaren Fire and Water Spirits.
Clockwork Gnome - McGyver
Tarya, glad you like "Brandon Lee" I was pretty happy with that one sense the crow is one of my top 5 favorite movies =)
Flayer Youngling - Boomshakalaka
Baby Ape - Spankinthemonkey
Rabid Nut Varmin - Hammiebot
Water Waveling - Supasoaker

Thumbs up Dyanna, nice name!!
ehh mine amuse me but i dont think any of them are particularly GOOD.

i like whisper nether faerie dragon though :)

or burn notice the fel flame :D
I got tons of great pet names but one of my all time fav's is my Black Sheep named Token
Pandaren Monk - Chuck Norris
"Maximum Yarrage"

Yarragos - Azure Whelping
Capt Kidd - Blighthawk
Long John - Blighthawk

Got me my 250 pvp wins achieve!
Jade Tentacle - Asparagus
12/04/2012 08:45 AMPosted by Pc
Jade Tentacle - Asparagus

Mine is "Tickles"

12/04/2012 05:03 AMPosted by Danarria
Creepy Crate = Luggage, in a nod to Terry Pratchett

I like, may have to steal.
Austin - Mojo
Going to be teamed up with pets named "Danger" & "Powers"

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