476 Warlock LF Weekend Raiding Guild

Hello. I just transferred to this server about 5 days ago. Now I'm looking for a new raiding guild to call home. I'm a 476 Affliction Warlock w/ past experience in hardcore progression raiding. I'm looking for a Fri/Sat nighttime raiding guild. At the moment I only have LFR experience but I learn fight mechanics very quickly. Whisper me in-game or send a mail if you're interested. Thanks!
Oblivious is Saturday Sunday 8pm til ??? (Usually 11pm unless I really drive the whip)

More details can be found

here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7200033271
and here: http://obliviousguild.enjin.com/

Thanks for your time! If you don't feel like applying, feel free to just contact me in game and we can sort it out there.

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