<Tiers and Tears> New Guild Building up! LFM

Area 52
<Tiers and Tears> is a new guild looking for members to spam invites, and hopefully cap the level the guild. We would also like to build a 10m raid squad. We contain many years of WoW raiding knowledge with in the leadership from top tier raiding to sub-optimal PvP strats.
For consideration on the 10m core please be atleast lvl 88+ with intent to heroic grind ASAP at level cap. We will gladly form parties with you to rush you through the content :P
Raid nights planned currently Tues-Thurs 8pm to 11pm server! So hop on the level train CHOO CHOO!

Leadership Exp:
Top 50 In BC
Top 500 in Wrath

Currently we are looking for:
10m Spots
1: Non Plate Tank
1: Priest / Pally Full Time Healer
1: Priest/Druid/Monk Healer with DPS OS
2: Ranged DPS Mage/Warlock Prefred!

Level spots:
100% OPEN No matter what class or spec come join chat and level!!
the shameless bump that nobody cares about!
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