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TF2= Team Fortress 2 for those not in the know.

Seeing as there are no threads about it I thought I would make one.
Downloading it right now for the first time.
Doubt anyone will reply before I start shooting up some pyro's but anyone have anything you want to say about it?
Favorite classes, game types, favorite strats, etc.

Feel free to post here
I recommend brushing up on the wiki while you wait, but seeing as this post was made 3 hours ago you've probably finished downloading by now.

Favorite class would probably be demo, but there's no way I'm using a stickybomb launcher over a shield.
In every game I have ever played (shooters) I have always played a sniper I got like 150 hrs logged as sniper on TF2 before i played Pyro. Holy Hell SOOOOOOOO much fun. Pyro is a little OP imo though, if you hug walls, and take quick turns while hugging walls you can pretty much spin any other player in the game bar a scout

(I define spinning as quickly burning an opponent while they try and shoot at you but because of your superior mobility you are able to repeatedly spin around them taking little to no damage because of your faster turn rate)

Also its fun to suicide into like 5 guys and set them all on fire

Tip: if you do decide to play pyro and you come 1v1 against another pyro never chase him. The game is set up where if the pyro runs towards you while the other pyro runs back the person running foward will ALWAYS die, because you are running INTO fire dying, while he is running OUT of fire killing you.

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