Server down...

Well, I'm sure glad I forwent sleep to get an early start and maybe down LFR.

Anyone know why the servers are down? And for how long?
I don't know but I need my bloody wow fix :P
Would be nice if they at least said what was going on...
Server dow again. I can't believe it. Blizzard always find a way to screw up things. I am really annoyed by this situation.
Strangely enough I can't get on a few servers I have characters on either. I can get to the character selection screen, but if I try to login it loads almost all the way and then just hangs for a while, until it finally disconnects me.
Personally, I don't mind server maintenance, I just don't like planning my day's play time during a time slot that unexpectantly gets shut down. This has happened like 2-3 times, with my luck it'll come back right when I need to go to work.
i cant long in anywhere
What is most amazing is that they had 8 hours to do the maintenance and they still fail to deliver on time.....
Won't let me log into KT or Illidan disconnects me also. Pretty weird.
Yeah Brock, I see several servers are "up" but when I log in to those servers I get booted. Something is very wrong with blizzard right now.
I do like how nobody even mentions the non-downtimes where they just reset. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY EDDIE?!
We should revolt, like the peasants we are.
Lightbringer says up, but still cant log in.
How is Brock supposed to gear his crappy Monk if the servers are down?
Server up, it seems.
yea apparently the world server is down....
LOL, yea, now you think you can get in, and..... WORLD SERVER IS DOWN....

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