Nightfox Brigade is recruiting(Emerald Dream)

Emerald Dream
The Nightfox Brigade is a level 5 end-content raiding guild on the server Emerald Dream. We are in the process of building a core raiding group that focuses on 10 man Mogu'Shan Vaults and soon enough, 10m Heart of Fear. We are explicitly searching for
1 Tank: Protection Paladin or Warrior
2 DPS : Mage, Priest, Warrior, or Paladin.

Our current roster:
1 - Feral Druid (Foxboy)
1 - Resto Druid (Animania)
1 - Windwalker Monk (Zoryn)
1 - Shadow Priest (Ravenvale)
1 - Beast Mastery Hunter (Chunkblast)
1 - Blood Death Knight (Teannu)
1 - Discipline Priest (Akirah)
1 - Destruction Warlock (Bloodrush)

Please contact me via Forums or In-game if you are interested in joining Nightfox Brigade.

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