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I still have my cd if you wish to purchase it for the measly sum of 2 Gold Dubloons
I'lll say this much.... the reason I did not buy the digital Delux version of MOP was because it did not include the soundtrack. If I'm gonna pay 20 bucks over the normal price of the software for extras, I expect a digital copy of the soundtrack to be part of the deal... I looked into it and was shocked to find it was not, and thus MOP was the first wow release since vanilla I bought in the basic package (I considered going full CE with the physical soundtrack disc, but after headaches during the previous years I just wanted to be set up and ready to go as soon as the game launched without having to go to the store). I can understand not including a free soundtrack with the basic software... but making me pay extra to itunes to get the soundtrack and not including it with the digital Delux struck me as pathetically cheap nickel and diming and kind of insulting personally.

I highly suggest you consider including a digital download soundtrack with future 'delux' digital releases.... it's become pretty industry standard as near as I can tell, I always get it with any steam releases I buy the 'extra stuff' premium packages for.

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