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Moon Guard
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Name: Clergy of the Holy Light
Level: 25
Leader: Moorwhelp (Bishop)
Role-playing: Heavy
Player vs. Player: Medium
Player vs. Environment: Casual

Feedback E-mail (confidential) -

Active contacts:
Moorwhelp (Ordinary, Guild Leader, Paladin Contact)*
Mellar (Liturgy/Priest Contact, Council of Bishops Contact)*
Tarso (Liturgy/Priest Contact)*
Manstein (Lord-Vicar, Diplomacy Contact)
Melchiz (Battle/Priest Contact)*

*This is a recruitment position. People in these positions are best equipped to answer questions about the recruitment process.

The Clergy of the Holy Light is a roleplaying guild on Alliance Moon Guard US. The guild roleplays a chapter of clerics attached to the Cathedral of Light and its apostolate ministries in union with the Church of the Holy Light and the Council of Bishops.

We present a living, breathing manifestation of the Church of the Holy Light which players have the option of interacting with. We have played the members of the original church seen in the Warcraft games, the RPG books, and in World of Warcraft for over two years and we hope to continue to breathe life into and magnify this lore for our own enjoyment and those who choose to role-play with us.

Our primary directive in all engagements is to preserve a high quality of immersion and cohesion among the lore-abiding roleplay community while striving to leaving no community member who tries his/her best without roleplay.
News and Change Log

The Clergy has its eye out for a worthy steward over the paladins of the guild to keep the guild on the competitive edge of paladin role-play.

The Believer is the OOC alter-ego rank of the guild. All members must have an in-character member, and OOC alts must distinguish this clearly in their MyRoleplay profiles and obey out-of-character rules at all times.

(Auxiliary rank)
A benefactor is someone who is not within the structure or avowed but helps the college in some profound way, typically for pecuniary pay.

(Entry rank)
The Fellow is the novice-grade member of the College of Canons. They have taken promises of fellowship with the College and a simple promise of obedience to the Ordinary. They are to live with the College of Canons and work as they work for no less than a week before they are to be introduced to holy orders.

Minor Canon
Training rank
The Order of Minor Canons is a group of canons who have taken vows and follow the Holy Rule with strict observance. They often serve as readers and assistants to busy canons, taking up training to the path of the canon with all humility.

Full member rank
The Canons are full avowed members of the College of Canons. They are ordained and anointed friends of the Bishop of Stormwind and share fully in his ministry, whether by smiting his enemies or propagating the Light's teachings. They have the obligation to aid in the training of junior members.

A Prebendary is a canon who has been granted a special honor by the Bishop of Stormwind for outstanding service. They hold a special seat at services. They sometimes hold special offices of the cathedral staff and must be paragons of purity and wisdom. The general requirement is having trained no less than one fellow canon before one can aspire to this honor.

A Dean is a worthy steward over the College of Canons. They are charged with much of the day-to-day workings of the College of Canons, such as special services and provincial assignments. They are often invested with such authority that they are the senior-most clergyman available.

Senior Officer
A Provost is an officer who shares in the burden of the Bishop in such a way that they have taken on a measure of authority reserved by him. Though still obedient ultimately to the Ordinary, they are often tasked with interpreting his words and even presiding over discipline. They are they custodians of the College of Canons and their authority should never be undermined.

The Ordinary of the College of Canons is the Bishop of Stormwind chosen to guide the faithful from the Cathedral of Light. The College of Canons is a body meant to aid in the functions of the Bishop. The Ordinary has all judicial, legislative and executive power over the College of Canons and all people within the office swear obedience to him and at his pleasure.

Q: What is the level philosophy?
A: Though there are currently no level requirements to apply, we encourage all members to seek level 90 as role-play PVP events may be limited to level capped members only.

Q: What is your gear philosophy?
Everyone in this guild is encouraged to play the game apart from role-playing to the best of their ability and maybe seek out some welfare epics on the way.

Q: What is your role-play philsophy?
If you do not role-play and are committed to improving your role-play, we do not want you and you will not want us. We accept many sorts of role-players who show the potential to help flesh out and bring more depth to our niche, from the very beginner to the veteran. If you're a guild leader, your guild should too.

Q: What classes do you allow?
Membership is always case by case, dependent on the player and his/her character's backstory.

Q: How do I apply?

You may apply at If you are having issues, mail Moorwhelp.

Q: What is your philosophy on lore?

Our guild is completely composed of firstly all lore precedents (even those that most don't like) and secondly our own tradition.

Q:What is your philosophy on the RPG books?

There is not a scrawl of Blizzard-sanctioned ink about the Church of the Holy Light that is not kept in the RPG books. We accept the RPG books as "lore, but not canon".

Q: What is your philosophy on authority?

Some of our leaders claim to be positions that demand respect from certain characters and often people do not wish to have their characters demanded to respect characters of people they do not know. If you find yourself at this position and feel it is detrimental to your ability to play according to your wishes, let Moorwhelp know by mail and you will not be bothered by it again. There will be no consequences for not accepting any perceived claims whatsoever.

We accept most claims of church authority outside of the guild.

Sister/Holy Orders - These are friendly orders which have sworn themselves to recognize the Clergy's guidance and in turn receive innumerable boons. They most properly have chaplains installed in their hierarchy to keep track of needs that the Clergy may provide worthily for its flock. If your order wishes to yoke its self with goodly folk of the Light, contact Manstein.

First Regiment
Chaplain(s) - Vacant

League of Lordaeron
Chaplain(s) - Elesabeth

Silver Hand Chapter
Chaplain(s) - Prior Alburton

Order of the Golden Hawk
Chaplain(s) - Praetorius

Military Alliances
Blood of Lordaeron


Dominion of the Sun

Religion, politics: Leave it out of guild chat, leave it off the website
If you wish to talk to someone in the guild of these things, take it to whispers, party, a secluded corner of vent. These topics have potential to offend. Failure to comply with this will result in reprimand up to being kicked from the guild.

Keep all excessive cursing in another channel other than guild.

Insulting members of the guild or those outside of our guild will not be tolerated in guild chat. We don't want to hear about it. This includes bashing other guilds, roleplay, individuals, etc. This means that you don't need to talk about this half-demon human or the eredar holy priest in guild chat. Failure to comply with this will result in reprimand up to being kicked from the guild.

We will not tolerate griefing, including obnoxious OOC yelling, or immature things such as tea-bagging or spitting on corpses, getting naked and dancing, making OOC remarks under an IC guise, etc etc. Failure to comply with this will result in being kicked from the guild.

Corpse camping is against the rules. In public events, in private RPPVP. We will not have our guild known as a guild of poor etiquette on either side of the war.

Keep OOC and IC separate! It is poor form and will not be tolerated. Failure to comply will result in reprimand, up to being kicked from the guild.

We have enough of this problem on the server without bringing it into the guild. Keep any personal RP that would reflect poorly on our guild image out of sight. Failure to comply will result in reprimand, up to being kicked from the guild.

Do not spam any channel. This includes public channels such as Trade or General, and guild chat. Failure to comply will result in reprimand, up to being kicked from the guild.

If you are online during an event and everyone's presence is requested, we expect you to be there if you're not busy. If you have a problem coming to events when you are online, you may want to consider joining another guild.

Be prepared to change the topic in guild chat if asked by an officerIf something bothers you in guild chat, request in whisper that an officer ask for a subject change. If one of the officers receive a complaint about guild chat, there may be an announcement to drop the topic and move on. Failure to comply with this will result in reprimand up to being kicked from the guild.

Friendly constructive criticism to your fellow clerics is encouraged OOC in regards to their roleplay. Respect their decision not to abide by your advice.

You may not use /e, /y, or /s for out-of-character posts. In the past, we have allowed allowances for this but it has went too far. If you must talk about the role-play out-of-character, then whisper or form a party.

You may not initiate an in-character fight without out-of-character permission, especially if it is pertaining to upholding temple law. This is a simple gesture that has a lasting impact, and will prevent anyone from having a bad time out-of-character.

You may not misuse the cathedral, the square, or any other place where people are role-playing by jumping around or usual out-of-character actions. If you do not want to delve yourself into the world of role-playing a clergyman seriously at that moment, it is best that you would just leave the Cathedral District (or any other place where people generally role-play) altogether. We are here to increase immersion, not to decrease it.

There is absolutely no place for conflict in guild chat. If there is an issue, it is not to be made clear through guild chat. Rather, you may whisper an officer with your issue and take his/her definitive judgment, report it to the guild-leader by mail (where it can be seen), or take care of it like adults.

Clergymen are disallowed from being abrasive on the public forums or in any way out-of-character. We will stand out from nonsense and not partake in it. Drama threads should not be posted on. If you must partake in these things, you will do so from a distant or without our guild tag to sully. This does not mean get on an alt forum tag, this means to disassociate yourself and all of your characters from the guild.

If any clergyman should be found to have broken one of these rules, it should be reported immediately to
Links to see:

Clergy Website

Moon Guard Wiki
I wonder if the threat of hell would help me deter people in my inane reserve strings.
Lol threat of hell. Likely more respect-oriented.
All but structure filled in. Deo gratias.

It is time for the bishop to tire.
Put your faith in the light, and all is possible.
Moorwhelp is best whelp.
I giggled. Good show.
11/21/2012 03:36 AMPosted by Kerdic
Moorwhelp is best whelp.

I love to RP with these guys.
Seeking teachers, are you? Well, I know a thing or two about...

Stuff. Good stuff. Light-y stuff. Yeah.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Heretics everywhere.
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Heretics everywhere.

Look who's talking.

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