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Moon Guard
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Seeking teachers, are you? Well, I know a thing or two about...

Stuff. Good stuff. Light-y stuff. Yeah.

The Light hates you.
Seeking teachers, are you? Well, I know a thing or two about...

Stuff. Good stuff. Light-y stuff. Yeah.

The Light hates you.

"...after death, a mage's soul would be condemned to the same pit of darkness shared by the mythical demons of old. This no matter how pure their soul might have been otherwise."

From one of my favorite paladins.
The "Apostles of Faol" committee has been created. Its noble mission is to spread the Light's word across the globe, and protect the Church's faithful wherever they may be.

OOC it's meant to take the guild roleplay away a bit from the Cathedral and enjoy all those beautiful locations Blizzard has created. This will be done through different methods, such as Liturgies, DM events and RP-PvP.

That said, the group is looking for other guilds to work on, in campaigns. If you are interested, contact Manstein, Chantale or me in-game.
Bump for some news updates, narrative and structure to come!
Just want to give a shout out to Chantale for organizing the tournament tonight. Awesome job, girly!
Amazing event, want more.
Thank you all! Glad everyone had fun!
Thank you:

Barrancas for managing the gambling!
Varill for managing the Clergy team!
Chantale for organizing and managing the event without the need for my interference at any point!

And most of all, thank you all guilds for attending and adding the spirit of your guild to the mix up. Thank you for your valor, your dedication to immersion, your sportsmanship, your creativity, your guild spirit, the showcase of your impressive skill and everything else each individual guild brought to the table.
I'm sorry I wasn't able to go moorwhelp. I had rp events everywhere.
Will you guys be doing another one anytime soon?
We have chosen to make it a bi-monthly event.
I have touched Moorwhelp's beard.
You know I've been around the server for quite some time on my alts. When I've been around the Cathedral, I've seen the Clergy of Holy Light giving peaceful sermons, and following the three main virtues of the Holy Light. A guild that dedicates all it's time into a single aspect of great RP is one to be respected. Anyone interested in such a active, and well thought out guild should join the Clergy! I really appreciate their presence OOcly, because I believe they promote great RP! If you're looking for a guild based on the Holy Light, and a peaceful connotation, then I suggest you seek out the Clergy! They're a great guild. Check them out.
Clergy thread, what are you doing on the second page. You don't know how to be on the second page, you are the clergy thread.
I feel its about time I post here, because, really, I've never had anything but positive encounters with the Clergy. Everyone i've ever bumped into, or interacted with from this guild has been a pleasant, polite and courteous PLAYER, as well as being respectful and nice ICly.

They've even been kind enough to offer assistance in removing offenders from the grove on several occasions, and their lone druid is the one who gave Duskhowl a few dozen green dragon whelps to add to the veritable menagerie in the grove. (:P)

So I'd like to offer not only a bump of support to this guild, but also a thank you to its leadership for running a phenomenal guild, filled with fantastic players. Heck, if I can ever be allowed to be on someone not Duskhowl, I'd love to RP with yall on my paladin.
Thank you all for the bumps and compliments.

One day, I might quit being lazy long enough to fill in the structure and narrative.

But don't count on it.
If you guys are ever interested in clashing philosophies on the light, I'd love some good IC time with our guilds to debate each merit.

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