Does any guild have the thundering hatchling?

Pet Battles
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I suggest those of us who end up joining this guild and getting the pet (I plan to) band together and get/do something for Stage Clear as a thank you.

I'm not sure what... any ideas?
How about we give the 10% of the gold we earn as recompense?

We could do it passively too, so like almost as though they don't need to do anything except invite us <3 XD
Thanks for the opportunity Healbot. Got both cm pet and Tarecgosa in 2 to 3 days. Did it as DK and got ganked plenty in outland. Took about 9 levels (64) to get to exalted make sure u buy the rep tabard as soon as you have enough gold. Only good thing about starting with a DK was that I got lucky with drops among which was an orb of deception to help fund flying skill, guild rep tabards and eventually the pets. Remember Tarcegosa is about 1350 gold.
think it's faster to grind rep via quests or dungeons (boss kills)?
my DK in this guild is Qill. pst me if you're doin the same!
Hi, Stage Clear! Thank you for doing this, it's a very kind gesture and everyone who partakes really appreciates it! I hopped onto your server just now and noticed you were raiding - I didn't want to interrupt, so good luck with your raids. :) Is there a better time to catch an invite?
Wondering if this offer is still open? :/
You can annoy me during our raids, it's fine ^^
Thank you for your generosity, Stage Clear. :)
Ellumina, may i also do this? I would be forever greatfull :) Please let me know !
inc massive wave of pet collectors to the guild
Got my Thundering Hatchling last night. Here are some tips for efficiently doing this yourself:

1. On your main, cage some pets to sell on Kil'jaeden. You will need to make gold. If you don't have any good ones, buy something from the auction house that sells regularly (like a Terrible Turnip).

2. Make a new horde DK on Kil'jaeden.

3. Before you do the DK starting quests, msg Healbøt or someone else from Stage Clear, requesting a guild invite. They are nice people.

4. Once in Org, set your hearth and put your caged pets on the AH. I used the gold I made from the DK quests to buy the glyph of Dark Succor (highly recommended for questing).

5. Take the portal to blasted lands, go through the dark portal, and do a few quests in Hellfire until you are honored with Stage Clear.

6. Hopefully one of your pets have sold by now. Hearth to Orgimar and purchase a Renowned Guild Tabard (250g).

7. Continue questing, enjoying the double rep. At 60, you will want to get flying (if you can afford it), as it speeds up questing a great deal. By the time you do a few quests at Falcon Watch (about halfway through Hellfire), you should ding revered with Stage clear.

8. Hearth to Org, go to the guild vendor, buy your Thundering Hatchling.

9. Continue questing in Outland until you hit exalted with Stage Clear. Hopefully you then have enough to purchase a Lil' Tarecgosa (1350g).

10. Thank Stage Clear!

Grats on your new pets!

I have a feeling 99% of all Thundering Hatchlings are made by "Stage Clear" :-)
AWWW I made a toon but no one from Stage Clear seems to be online! Ill be checking back you guys are really cool for helping people get pets. :3
Thank you so much!
Gosh, I have a warlock on KT, but she's ally, lol. Might be worth the faction xfer.
Got my pet as well. Thanks guys :)
Still not having any luck catching anyone online :'(

EDIT: My toons name is Btchpuddin ill be hopping on and check every few hours or so :3
I will be making a druid to lvl for this named Ofiredruid so you know me.

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