Does any guild have the thundering hatchling?

Pet Battles
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You're welcome Gummi ^^

And we're not turning anyone down (yet! =O) Rheah. Just not sure if anyone is online right now (7AM server) and I'm too darn exhausted to be getting out of bed just yet.
Thanks so much :-D I'll make sure to deposit a nice pet or two into your g/bank as a thanks.

I'll check in periodically to see if you are online.
12/03/2012 01:11 AMPosted by Warla
Yay my "Made by Stage Clear" Thundering Hatchling now even got his deserved Rare upgrade :D

did u have to use a stone on it, or was this updated so that learned versions after the patch are rare now?
/join PetChat

I'm Tikka. Thanks for the invite, Healbot.

[edit: Nevermind, I got it handled the old fashioned way: killing boars]
Just wanted to send Ellumina and the entire team at Stage Clear a big "thank you" for the opportunity to grind rep to Exalted and purchase the pets. I was super nervous about leveling on a PVP server, but I only got ganked three times in my two days of play, so it wasn't that bad!

Thanks again, and best of luck to your guild on all its future endeavors!
Oh wow, you guys are amazing for doing this! Now I am itching to get home from work and ask for an invite!
Great news everyone! My baby Thundering Serpent Hatchling is now a rare =D!!!
I'm looking to get an invite to Stage Clear to get the pets... are you not accepting requests any longer? I asked a couple people that were online and they said no :(
I am hoping to get in on this before the door closes....
Extra money from leveling and my AH sale will be put into the guild bank for thanks.
Thank you guys very much! Was very interesting :).
Enjoy your cinder kitten!

I got the hatchling this morning after about 7 hours of playtime. Sold a couple caged pets and had more than enough gold for the friendly and honored tabards, so got revered right as I hit level 20.

Thanks so much you guys, really appreciate it!

-Shorah the orc hunter
Are you guys using stones to upgrade the pet, or is it an error that it's uncommon, like the Darkmoon Hatchling?
Many thanks again to Stage Clear for hosting myself and many other pet collectors on our journey to catch'em all
This is one of the nicest things I've seen in a while.
To my precious pet collecting minions:

I hope your leveling and grinding for this pet has gone well! I just want to thank you guys for being so kind and friendly, and many of you so willing to speak pet battles with me (guild always makes fun of me -.-). I have also been very kindly donated pets and spare gold, and it's very generous of you all. Stay wonderful.

Your glorious pet collecting enabler,
12/10/2012 08:11 AMPosted by Ellumina
Your glorious pet collecting enabler,

enabler, you evil person you D:
Hopping on this bandwagon right meow. Prepare for whispers. :)

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