[H] Insidia - New 10N Raid Guild

Hey people,

Insidia is a new Australian-based guild - currently level 3. We're looking to recruit members for our core raiding team, which as of now is a 10-man normal team. As we progress and gain more members, we may switch to 25-man.

Who are we recruiting for our core team?

    > We are interested in those who are able to attend raids nearly all the time (pst in-game for more info on raid times).

    > People who are geared enough (or will be soon) to start raiding 10N MSV.

    > Those that want steady raid progression, and want to move onto heroic content eventually.

    > As of now, we are recruiting DPS and healers. PST in-game for more details.

Thanks for taking your time to read this & if you have any questions or are interested in joining, please send me a tell in game.
11/21/2012 03:43 PMPosted by Valryn
currently level 3.
11/21/2012 07:08 PMPosted by Buffjob
currently level 3.

Didn't realize you had to be level 25 to raid. Thanks for the free bump though.

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