Looking for MOP raiding guild


Looking for friendly, casual raiding guild that raid on weekdays. (I am available everyday except Saturday).....will consider changing of realm but not race coz I like blood elf look, and that was the reason when I started to play WOW when Burning crusade come online 8 years ago....

Best regards

17 April 2013
Blazingchaos is a girl irl
Hey Blazing, are you look exclusively at horde or are you open to joining the alliance?

we raid 2 nights a week mon and wed 8-11pm server time.

we currently have no mages and could use one for our progression team.

u can contact me in game or visit our site if your interested www.stormhammer.net
AIT is looking for 1 RDPS for progression!

Currently 2/6 HM MSV and 4/6 HoF.

9-12 servertime, Wed/Thurs/Sun.

Fairly laid back, we don't go overtime or do extra days.
Hello guys....I am looking more on ToT 10 man (normal or Heroic) done Heroic 4/12 yesterday. Still looking for a guild possible main progression team (NO back bencher / reserve please)
Sorry.....Durian is Blazingchaos alt
Are you still looking for a raid?

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