Realm Transfer / Looking for Guild

My friend and I are Aussies that have been playing on our inferior US-timezone server since vanilla.

We've finally decided to move to another realm and find a guild. Frostmourne has a great reputation and we'd like to make the switch here.

I'm a Fire (or Frost) mage.
He is a Fury warrior.

This is my friend:
This is me:

We're currently in the process of going through some of your guild boards and applying for guilds that feel appropriate, this post is in the interest of helping us and your guild (you know who you are) find each other.

We don't mind 10 or 25 man, Horde, or Alliance. We have been raiding on a US server as often as our lifestyles have permitted, conforming to a schedule in our own timezone will be no problem at all.

If you're in a guild looking for an exceptional DPS pair, feel free to post here. I hope that we can find our fit here somewhere.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, even more if you respond.

Mev & Trouble
If only all LFG posts were like this
Best of luck to the both of you.

I just wanted to add that we are ready to transfer any time.

Mev & Trouble
Shameless bump.
Bump for landing on your server.
Exciting :D

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