WTS my Skyshard!

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As the post says I am wanting to sell my skyshard channel on Alliance KJ! I will entertain any reasonable bids, just post them here if interested! I have a wedding to attend in Nola over the weekend but will return Sunday! :) Happy bidding and hopefully I can provide one of you lovely gals or gents with your Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent!

Post bids here or add me (Skirpnasty#1199) if you don't want to put it on the forum. You can also mail me on Amaxas :P.
KJ forumz y u so dead Brah?
Only if you go male gnome.
If I have to sell this to swag for 15g imma be pissed.
Look out! High roller coming in with 100g! :P
100g and a muffin
of course!
Do it for Mittens!
My legs are too short to run to page 2 in order to check my post.
I have it on high authority that this mount will transform you into the ultimate embodiment of jelly.
I'll give you 15k

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