[H] New Xfer Guild LFM 10m 1/6H MV, 3/6 HoF

Bleeding Hollow
<Game Craze> 10 man heroic progression oriented guild Transferring to Bleeding Hollow this week and looking to recruit skilled players to fill out core spots and start clearing content next week 1/6H MV and 3/6 Hof:

-Healers - need healers of any class, preferably with a good progression background
-Plate Melee dps with tank off-spec (preferably frost dk with blood os)
-Dps with good healing off-spec (preferably not shaman) - spriest/boomkin preferred mistweaver/holy pally if exceptional wouldn't mind either
-Exceptional Warlock may also have a place here

Raid Times - Tuesday/Thursday 7pm-10pm EST and Wednesday 8pm-11pm EST (3 Nights/9 hours)

- if boss kills are close be ready to push an extra half hour or so do not be someone who is looking to log off at 10pm or 11pm sharp on raid nights though this does not happen often!

-We are not looking for people who only log on for raids, we want to have a good guild community and to be able to accomplish other goals not during raid times, such as rated bgs and challenge modes.

Contact in game for more info (realid):
Dennis-fico@hotmail.com - roidrage (GM)
ciullasfootball@yahoo.com - alluic (officer)
tbradle1@stevens.edu - snaucee (officer)
bump, under temporary guild name till we get guild transfered here hit us up in game!!!!
Your guild might be something im looking for =) You can check out my armory and what not im ilvl 372 equiped. I am always looking to be the top dps in whatever i do. I am a recent transfer from another server where i played in a top raiding guild.

I always come prepared with flasks/food and potions ( Yes, im the guy who prepots lol). I can add a strong melee dps to your roster and guarentee to make every raid night. I have never had attendance issues and i always look to progress at a steady pace. If your interested in having a chat with me in game my battletag is Matlock209#1543. Please leave a note on the friend request so i know who im gonna be talking to =)
BUMP Need a healer still PRIEST or MONK preferred
Welcome to our humble little server.

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