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Taawa, Thank you so much for your kind words of acknowledgement here. It's nice to know that the effort I go through each week to provide bags to our lowbies is appreciated. I've always found the social aspect of the game the best part of it. Ok, so I like raiding and PvP sometimes but it's the awesomeness of meeting a new player and helping them along getting them started that makes my day. I've actually ended up in a random dungeon with one of my bag recipients before and it was so much fun to see them once they were "all grown up". If any of you ever find yourself starting a new character Moon Guard way, please feel free to whisper me and I'll get you a couple netherweave bags to start your travels off with and know that I've always been a blood elf, no tauren changing with this gal.

Head Mistress of Hall of Finer Discipline

During my first levels on this character, I was leveling in Bloodhoof Village when I saw a high level player standing in the center and announcing that they were giving away free bags to any low levels. This is what the player replied when I questioned them on why they would give away those bags for free, and accepted one bag but was instead given two:

"Because I like to help people out. It's one of the aspects of the game I enjoy so as a tailor I collect cloth and every week I make around 50 Netherweave Bags and come give them away in the starting zones."

"And the best payment in the world.. when you get higher level.. do something nice for a random person. That was my whole impetus for this.. trying to spread acts of kindness."

(saying goodbye) "Safe travels young one and if you ever need anything feel free to friend me. I try to help out our newer players whenever I can"

And I did add them to my friends list, but I haven't talked to them as of then. Honestly, I'm a shy person and if I started a conversation, I would probably blank out on a topic to discuss. But my point is that there are a lot of "scary" stories you hear about WoW: insults, endless harassment, theft, plain out rudeness. Not all of WoW is like that of course, because I have personally never encountered somebody like that and a lot of the small talk I've made has been pleasant. Regardless, the less than nice players do exist.

So talking to this person and hearing what they said made me really happy. It was such a kind thing to do out of nowhere and it was genuine generosity, I've kept the screenshots of our short conversation wanting to share it here. Maybe it's not as big of a deal as I make it sound to be, but I hope you guys will follow her example. I know when I get to be a higher level, I will try to do the same, maybe give some gold to the lower levels or some high level items to keep for future use. Good night, everybody, thank you for reading. :)

I concur
Play it foward. I pull a thron outta a lions paw. He goes save a Fish from drowning. And fish pulls out a tauren from a burning building. Who goes and saves some else etc.

I enjoy hearing kindness in game. It's refreshing.
There was a lock who decided to save people from asking for mages to port them by offering lowbies free ports to the shrine so they could hearth there and have all the ports they'd ever need. That was pretty nice.

Nicest thing I ever do is help people who end being trolled in trade for asking legitimate questions, and giving free stuffs to guildies.
Few days ago I am working Northrend and made it into Dragonblight. Got to a quest inside Naxx (not the dungeons , the Thassarian quests), and a Hordie was on, I guess, the same quests. Unfortunately, he was suddenly mobbed in one of those "Oh s...t" moments, and had four..make that FIVE... to deal with...so I did what was best, and hit them from behind. My FelGuard took out one whilst I pounded another with shadowbolts. Another one appeared so I let that one have it as well...meanwhile the Hordie finished his one off quickly.

The last one was clobbered by both of us.

The Hordie was suddenly alone and alive, I /waved and headed off.

He never waved back but didnt matter. Horde or not, i wont stand by and let another player get killed.
What a lovely story..I always knew tauren were nice people...havent met a bad one yet thru my journeys around wow
I tip my mask to them. n_n
The Hordie was suddenly alone and alive, I /waved and headed off. He never waved back but didnt matter. Horde or not, i wont stand by and let another player get killed.

Me and a few horde did this in dread wastes the other day, I pulled some mobs off a undead lock, and a orc....something in plate..kept mobs off me after I over pulled, and then another ally walked by and helped him, and we kinda made a chain out of it, helping each other.

it was kinda tricky not to HURT each other, as I was onna toon that LOVES AoE damage, and the lock spec'd for harvest life...but thats what kinda made it fun.

Then some Belf rogue came and ruined it all trying to kill me and the other hordies /facepalmed him as I killed him. the moment was lost and the rest of us /waved and /bye'd and went our separate ways...
There are nice people out there. I rarely meet those that are that selfless, but it's nice to know people like that exist.

I concur

Seconded! Awesome stuff, Taawa.
the moment was lost

Nossir. On the contrary. It was not. :)
I love stuff like this.

When I was new, I remember posting on the New Player Help forums about running dungeons. I was too afraid and I was looking to see if I was ready. At that point, I didnt have a main hand weapon, just an offhand because I hadnt found any good two handers or a main hand yet. A poster in the thread saw that we were on the same realm and faction and 'just so happened' to have a level 30 caster staff on his 85 DK :p. I logged in later that night to find a staff and a letter in my bank. I sent him back a thank you, which he never expected. We didnt see each other again for months and months, but then in a thread like this, we both posted, me talking about the awesome DK and him talking about how he helped this adorably nooby warlock. He sent me another letter, we added each other to friends lists, then realID, then facebook, and now he's my best friend <3
I always try to help people.

When I level my tailoring I usually just give my greens/blue to a Enchanter thats leveling so they have something to disenchant when they get to that level.

Whenever random greens drop I usually do the same thing.

I've given away tons of bags from tailoring.

I don't see WHY people don't help other people. The game is alot funner when your nice to people and have fun and make friends.
I love helping around with my main, when someone ask where is x thing or hub i carry them with my rocket mount, giving random usefull/xmog to guys around, always telling them Pay it foward
Is good that after many months or even years talking about wotlk
People pst me Hey i remember you, you were the guy who helped me when i was leveling
that make me very happy even if i dont remember how i helped them for my many actions
the people needs to know that not all the servers are full of douchebag guys
It's a diamond in the sand.
11/24/2012 03:23 PMPosted by Wyldefyre
What a lovely story..I always knew tauren were nice people...havent met a bad one yet thru my journeys around wow

Izryah: a man was headed to Rome, and on the way he met an old man sitting on a milestone."Tell me, sir, I am off to Rome, what is it like? The people?" The old man shook his head

"Rome is evil, old, corrupt, the people will cheat you given half a chance, they are arrogant, rude,. hateful, they despise visitors..and beware of the soldiers. brutes and pigs, all of them.The children are ill mannered and dirty, the senators corrupt , vain and selfish old men"

So he went to Rome, he was cheated in his trades, he stayed with people who hated him, he saw nothing but arrogance, met Senators who looked down their noses at him and spoke to him in a patronising manner. The man could not get out soon enough, and vowed never to return.

Two days later, another man was on the same road, and met the same old man, and asked the same question. The old man looked up and smiled brilliantly.

"My son, you will love the city, its people are warm and gentle and kind, they are the hub of the world, art , literature, music..and wait till you meet the Legionaries, they are the might of Rome..go to the main town square, tell them you are a visitor and they will be happy to tell you of Rome's glories. Strong and proud, and you MUST visit the Senate. Statesmen and scholars."

So he did, and walked into a massive, proud city of marble and stone. Children waved to him in the streets. He went to the markets, and was overwhelmed when a kind trader not only offered to buy his goods at a fair price , but insisted he stay with them as an honoured guest until he had to go. He went to the marketplace and spoke to a Legionary, who immediately called his Centurion. The officer personally took him on a guided tour, as well as buying him a drink at an inn he loved. Together they visited the Senate, and spent an hour listening to men of great wisdom.

The man did not want to leave, and as he walked away from Rome, looked back on a shining city and some of the most incredible people he had ever met.

My friend..what you see in people, is more often than not, what you expect to find :)
11/24/2012 03:46 PMPosted by Zhenogre
My friend..what you see in people, is more often than not, what you expect to find :)

I like that old man.

I wanna be like him.

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