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That player is like the north star, always helping people on their adventures.

I've done the same thing a couple of times for my guildies. I'll level an alt through Outland and be left with, like, 12 stacks of netherweave that it isn't worth my time to sell, so I just make them into bags and stick them in the guild bank.
Indeed it is good to see the kindness of others. Last night, while still in the BC era, a person and their level 90 guildie offered runs through the ring of blood for anyone who wanted them. The 90 in question even stayed for people who showed up late, just to help them through the questline.

As an attempt to pay it forward, we had another Warlock who wanted to join, but hadn't gotten flight training yet. So I popped on my X-53 Touring Rocket and gave them a ride to the ring before heading out.
It's so heartwarming to see not only compliments for the player, but to read all of your own stories! I'll let them know what you guys have said so far, thank you again. <3
That is wonderful. When I started my travels, I had a very nice player give me some pieces of leather gear that they had made. They basically said the same thing to me, to pay it forward when I got to the point that I would be able to do it. I try to continue to do this.

I concur

Seconded! Awesome stuff, Taawa.


Seconded! Awesome stuff, Taawa.


Basic Campfire won.
There are still some wonderful people out there.

I know I used to often head to lowbie areas with bags or some of the multitude of lowbie mana and health pots the family has stashed and will never use and just hand them out. It is harder now with CRZ since you cant trade with people on other realms but I still try now and then.

And yep this is me paying it forward.

When this character was approaching 70 her bow was absolute trash 15 levels too low. I just wasn't having any luck looting a new one (or buying one). I was in Thunderbluff one night sorting bags and checking the AH before logging out. A rogue appeared out of nowhere in front of me, handed me a NICE gun and scope, bowed and vanished. It happened so fast I couldn't thank him personally so I shouted it to all of TB and have tried to help others as I am able.
This was really nice to read, thanks for sharing :)
It reminds me of when I played Tera, when I was leveling a priesty alt, a really kindhearted player just sent me a bunch of things from the first and second dungeon of that game (Like staves, robes, the works). This hasn't happened to me in WoW, but it's an experience in an MMO (where I, of course, thanked that wonderful person) where I feel like I want to do the same thing when I do get to that point. (And I did in Tera, at max level I handed out some of the, then, sought after gear to some people as gifts who were willing to pay 3 - 7k gold for it).

I've yet to ever get any character I make in this game to max level (I keep getting distracted with other options! Now I have a worgen warlock I'm loving to play...) or to a level where I can do nice things for newer (than me xD) people, I'd love to. :>

In my experience, nothing beats the satisfaction of knowing you made someone's day a little better~
bit more then 4 years ago, i saw a random troll hunter lvling up. I was around lvl 72 on my first DK just randomly in barren. I helped him with a few quests. We became friends, we've been friends for since then and constantly run together and help each other when needed. Random acts of kindness can lead to great things.
One time I was ganking in STV when I came across a fellow ganker from my realm. He was flying past a lot of lowbies without seeing them, so I gave him some Blackened Worg Steak. He was very thankful, and it increased his slaughter efficiency by a large margin.

Now I often hand out steaks to gankers I see.
I want to be able to carry a huge banner that says free stuff!
And has a splash screen for the newbies to understand what it means.
Just because, some items are so valuable from 1-20 but worthless to the
veterans, and worth so much more than the pennies the vendors give.

Why I say? I've been to so many start points with full bags and actually given
away less than 10 items out of fear of game sabotage, lol!

But I did love giving away 1000 g worth of disenchanted starter goods to a fellow
who was disinterested initially, but heard how hard it was.... he hit 300 in about an hour
and that was dealing with my mail (quicker than trading oddly enough after his first full)

That was to pay it forward for a two ppl. One gave me his guild with 500g in the bank.

And another gave me 400g for Winter flying (not this toon)

This ones been babied by my Guildies

Long Live CelticKiller!
I haven't gone through any grand gestures of generosity, just the occasional saving someone who's at low health. Sometimes they thank me, sometimes they glare because I accidentally tagged a kill. But I try to help. I also encourage some people to continue monks since I've seen some people give up on them. This thread is a very good idea actually, I started giving out bags to lowbies after reading the OP. Sure it's not original, but it's a good idea.
Taawa, Thank you so much for your kind words of acknowledgement here. It's nice to know that the effort I go through each week to provide bags to our lowbies is appreciated. I've always found the social aspect of the game the best part of it. Ok, so I like raiding and PvP sometimes but it's the awesomeness of meeting a new player and helping them along getting them started that makes my day. I've actually ended up in a random dungeon with one of my bag recipients before and it was so much fun to see them once they were "all grown up". If any of you ever find yourself starting a new character Moon Guard way, please feel free to whisper me and I'll get you a couple netherweave bags to start your travels off with and know that I've always been a blood elf, no tauren changing with this gal.

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After a visit to these forms I usually leave in tears. Today, I will again, but these are different. Great story :)
She's been like that since i first met her years ago. Glad to see some things never change ^.^
I gank! I love pvp! However I will never gank the same person twice, especially camp them.
I do play by some aggressive rules, and yes I even gank lowbies. As long as the character in question A) has less or equal health then me or B) isn't sporting a "leader" symbol. I will attempt to gank anyone.
However, I honestly think its an act of kindness to not camp.
I will even go as far as to help them kill whatever amount of mobs they pulled, let them get to full health. /bow
And then the war begins! !

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