[A]<Cutie Mark Crusaders>(10) Recruiting

CMC is looking to pick up a few people to fill some places in our roster. Currently 1/6H MV and 5/6 N HoF 4/4 ToES. You must be ready to step into heroics, have knowledge of your class, spec, and the fights we are going to be progressing on. Raid times are Sat/Sun 7p-11p server time. Some raid spots may be backup or used depending on fights.

Current Needs -
- Warrior - Prot/DPS OS*high*
- Monk - BrM/WW *high*
- Death Knight - Frost(Blood Knowledge a plus)
- Shaman (Any Spec)

Feel free to contact Seli, Koichiko, Putricide, Starfy, or visit http://cmc.shivtr.com/ for more information.
Bump for skilled hunter.
Bumpity Bump for Experienced Hunter.
To the top!
Bump for dead Gara'lon.
I'm interested in joining. I'm a fury warrior main at the moment but I am a quick learner and can pick up tanking again right away (was MT back in wotlk).
Bump for Dead Wind Lord.
Bump for new progression and raid needs.
Bump for new tank and healer. Give me a warrior and a shaman pls.
Hey there. Here's my info, if you're interested let me know.

Real ID: Fabian#1699
Character: Pandaren BM Hunter, 495 ilvl Engy/LW 600.
Progression: 16/16 Normal, Stone Guards, Feng, Gara'jal & Elegon Heroic.
I can make your raid times.

Hit me up in real ID for further information.
Bump for skilled and geared warrior tank.

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