Ambition recruitment

Our guild Ambition (level 25) has dedicated group of raiders but we are in need of a regular tank and healer as well as a strong dps. We raid Weds/Sat/Sun starting at 8 pm server and ending promptly at 11 pm. Four of our core members have done 7/16 and want to take it to a guild achievement. We want progression in our 10 man but need these spots filled in order to do so.

We love to raid and are looking for those who feel the same.

Contact me on Xinu any time or my friend Atrusa,
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I'm guessing some words were exchanged during an LFR run, so our mage friend here decided to dig up <Amibition>'s recruitment and take a verbal dump.
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You linked damage done for overall data as a rather AoE heavy class.

All that shows us is that you are capable of mashing frost bomb on trash.

Do you have any meters from the actual bosses?
Actually that was damage done for gara'jul, It doesn't state that it was "overall" on the meter.
Let's all chill, it's hot in here.
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