First time build, need a little help <3

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Ok so, I'm looking to build a new pc, I've never built one before, but ive read a few guides and watched some videos on how to do so. So, I took Kal's Overkill build, and removed the SSD, as much as i like it, they just aren't for me. results are at just under $1,000. Now my question is, obviously I'll be able to run wow at ultra with good/high shadows and get great fps. However, I was wondering about other modern games that are out now, like Mw3, Black ops 2, the new need for speed game, and etc, do you guys/girls think this build will be good enough to run those games on good/high setting also? if not, what options do i have in terms of changing parts around to be able to do so? Thanks everyone for the replies and opinions :).
Thank you! :)

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