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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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A Singaporean based guild representing a new beginning on the realm of US-Frostmourne. Our founding core team as well as our original management come from all walks of life, hailing from Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, and even the US. After steadily improving tier after tier during Mists of Pandaria, Fate has established itself as the premier GMT+8 guild in the Oceanic raiding scene.

After taking a short hiatus in the final tier of Warlords of Draenor (but not before attaining some high ranked kills), We are back now in Legion (albeit late to the party by a couple weeks) and we are (and always have been) focused on getting stuff done with minimal raid hours and doing what we love - slaying dragons as fast as we can, while looking good and having fun doing it! Our guild environment and raid atmosphere aims to be fun filled and relaxed yet serious when required.

Our raid schedule consist of (4) nights a week during progression.
Mythic: 10:30 - 1:30 ST* Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday.
Alts/Heroic: 10:30-1:30 ST* Friday (Optional. Sales also take place here.)
**During Eastern AU DST, it's 11:30pm ST to 2:30am ST**

Previous Results:
T14 16/16H (World ~1000)
T15: 13/13H (World ~900, Oce 6th)
T16: 14/14H (World ~250, Oce 5th)
T17: 7/7M 10/10M (World ~200, Oce 5th)

Current Progression :
T19: 7/7M, 3/3M, 10/10M (World ~210, OCE 11th)

Recruiting Priority:


Please be either at 900 ilevel with great logs and/or Mythic experience in the current tier. Alternatively, demonstrate an extensive successful raid history in a similar raiding environment. Many of our raiders have raided in top Oceanic guilds and will remember you! Applicants with management and research skills are valued as well. Raid spots are determined by performance and not by your rank.
Compare yourself to our raiders here: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/745

We are seeking individuals with similar aims and ideals as our own - a focus on pushing themselves to improve and maximising their potential in an effective, organized raid team. If you have any questions that weren't covered in this thread please don't hesitate to look for either myself (Mitsunagi, Kevbaby), Yunahime, Pixul, Amarathy, Boohm or Clubs (Heals) in-game.
If you are interested, drop us an application at: http://www.fate-guild.com/home
Hi there, i'm a 485 Rogue on Frostmourne. I am currently 6/6 NM MSV + 4/6 HoF. I have the knowledge of all fights but have been held back by my current slow progressing guild (not the on listed under this toon).

I am currently in HK so the timings are perfect for me.

Please talk to me in game i'm friendly and more than competent at raiding

Hey Mitsunagi,

Wow a 25m Guild that has the same times as my current guild!

I am looking to move into progression raiding. I know all fights, but as my team broke up recently, I am left with my 6/6 MSV, and 3/6 HoF. I feel that I could be useful to your raid make up. My real id is wowadriano@hotmail.com - lets chat in game!

Talk soon mate :)
Hi, I'm very much interested in joining Fate but the only issue is that I cannot quite make the 8:30 start time (I'm in Perth) and would generally log on closer to 9:00. Would that be an issue?
hye mitsu! any chance for a lock, a rogue and a boomkin ? XD
Still looking for more
Still looking for exceptional hunter & warrior(dps) :)
Bump for a warrior dps
Up up
bump for H Garalon down.
happy new year
Willing to join your guild rogue ilvl486.. Raid time and days are perfectly fit to me.. Let me know if interested.. Thanks
Hi there,

Am [4/6H MSV; 6/6N HOF; 4/4N ToES] experienced.

Currently iLvl 492 - Arms/Fury Warrior.

Are there available raiding opportunities for a Dps Warr?


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