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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Hello. Yes, there are, just apply at our website, with logs please!
6 to go
Would also love a exceptional Boomkin, Hunter, and Resto Druid!
Still looking for some druids! and maybe a hunter :)
Still looking for fuzzy druid friends!, and a Hunter with a fuzzy friend....
Its like all the druids are hibernating for the winter :(
Still on the hunt for the elusive boomkin and tree druids
Where you at druid friends, looking for a boomykin and a tree druid. Even better if you like to play both specs!
bump for imperial vizier viezavixoxo down
01/21/2013 09:41 AMPosted by Mitsunagi
bump for imperial vizier viezavixoxo down

01/21/2013 09:41 AMPosted by Mitsunagi

Were looking to take just about any class spec, who wants to raid, plays there class well (message me in game some classes unfortunately are closed)

Msg me in game if you want to talk love to here from you! Especially interested in people who have fun while in a progression atmosphere and can keep positive.

More than happy to take groups of apps as well! However, all trials are individual.

Cagura wants more friends so talk to me about joining fate! I'd love to meet you :D
If your a DPS class and around 493+ ilvl come talk to me :3 looking for some exceptional dps who can jump right into progression!
would love some new friendly dps! come drop an app off today! or come talk to me in game! love to hear from you!
Still looking for some awesome DPS! :)
We need dps for Cagura to heal!
Still looking for some good dps! Might be able to take one core healer as well (non pally) DPS off spec preferred.
Hey im really interested on your guild , but i come along with 2 players a Resto druid and a Mage that can play any spec.
We are 8/16 HM experienced.
Ill drop an application for sure
Kindly do apply here :)


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