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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Hey man, looking for an experienced shadow priest and mage? we're both ex HM raiders looking to get back into it in 5.2
Hello Exie. Please head over to our site and app to let us know more about you and your friend's background. Sorry I cannot really give you a straight answer here.

5.2 roster slots are always open for consideration.
wtb runnee
runnee is busy procrastinating his assignments!
Hey There,

Very Interested!

Will be putting in an App as soon as I can.
giving a kick up the rear
openings for 5.2
Empress down! All eyes on ToES now!
Mitsu for President!

Hi 498 resto sham with a ele offset - not that great but working on it. msg me at kashf1#1545 :)
bump for more
The 3 fish men have met their end. LFM !
WTB Resto Shammy and kitties.

<3 Zegra
LFM for upcoming patch. Team in place but still need certain classes/roles.
Tsulong Heroic down. 15/16H, onward to 5.2 !
499 lock looking to app 9/16 HM exp 5/6 HM cant remember my battle tag and wow is down hit me up through in game mail if your interested

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