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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Pushing hard in ToT. LFM
H Jinrokh down. LFM
Monks! Where the hell are you??!!
needs more pandas
LF awesome monks!
Looking for an exceptional holy paladin. (core spot)
Please contact me via in-game. Bake#2424
Pew pew pew still looking!
Bake is awesome.

So is Grand Vizier Viezavi.

So is Grand Vizier Viezavi.

Grand Vizier Viezavi.

Stop speaking Viezavi.

Chef Bake.
Would you guys be taking rerolls? I recently rerolled Fury warrior, I'll try and talk to you in game when we're both on :)
Recruiting every class now! Please whisper Bake#2424
Pst Baec for free gold
Hi, I am currently looking for End-game raiding pref 25man on Frostmourne after a couple of years hiatus from WoW. My experience within a 25man raiding environment at end game level is extensive, I used to be with <Disposed> and <Now in Stereo> most recently, however I came from Frostmourne spending years with <Twelve> and the guild that <DPRK> came from, I can't remember the name (long time ago)

I haven't any raid experience with the new content, however, I am certain of my ability and would be an asset, I am loving my Holy pally so probably look to use him. Would you guys be interested?
Well add me @Bake#2424

Till then; YOLO

Need all!
Horridon H is dead. Dinosaur stew for all.

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