fx 4100 a 4.6 ghz or i3 3240 ivy?

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for world of warcraft, and world of warcraft only. and im comparing the OC'ed fx 4100, to 4.6 ghz.

it will be paired with a 6870, and 8gb of ram.

which processor would be better, for world of warcraft? and why?
and can the ivy 13, be OC'ed?

and is the intel heatsink/cooler suffiecient?
Well. First off, the FX is a Quad-core, compared to the Ivy dual core. Most games don't even need more than 1 core to run, while the comparison of 2 to 4 to 6 cores shows a very minimal FPS gain. 4 will still show up on top but by a slim margin. The FX will win though because of this:

The FX has a much larger L2 cache, higher clock speeds, and it is able to be overclocked, while the i3 you linked cannot be overclocked by much.

-edit- The i3 could have its base clock altered to slightly boost it, but it's very minimal compared to a fully unlocked FX where you can simply modify the multiplier and get greater results.

Also, never use a stock heatsink that comes with a processor. Ever. Aftermarket coolers cost about 20-40 dollars and will do MUCH better in comparison.
and the fx is 50 dollars cheaper.... i knew that the i5, would run train on the 4100, but its not in my budget.
Don't buy Zambezi; buy Vishera (FX-x3xx series).
so ill actually notice the 30 dollar difference with the 4300, and the 4100, for world of warcraft only?
It's not all incorrect information when you realize he's trying to play WoW on this, not run benchmarks. Nobody cares about single/dual-threaded apps and multi-threaded applications. This is WoW we're talking here, and in comparison with those 2 processors, the Zambezi will win. Link me some pics of you running both side by side and the ivy beating it or don't talk !@#$ about my information.
like he said... just wow... nothing else... and facebook. lol
Galactusx: You might want to do research on CPU architecture and how much of a difference it can make on a CPU performance.

Especially, for CPU-bound games like WoW, either you buy AMD Piledriver-based CPU/APU, or buy Intel.
I've done my research plenty on these architectures and the processors. I've ran multiple benchmarks for all types of systems doing old games and new games alike. I never said that the Bulldozer wasn't flawed, it was the biggest disappointment AMD's had in a good long while. I just think you didn't read the title when you came in, you'd rather read peoples replies and bash information.

The FX-4100 will run WoW better than the i3-3240 he asked in the title. Period, end of story.
Here is the top of the line AMD FX-8350 getting beat by the older Sandy Bridge I3-2100 (3.1ghz only) by 2.6 fps in WoW (scroll down): http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/697?vs=289

Now imagine comparing that 8350 to the newer Ivy Bridge I3 @ 3.4ghz (that's the I3-3240). You'll have to overclock to match it. The FX-6300 will likely do as well as the 8350 though, because that fourth floating point unit won't really be used anyway.

I3-3240 will destroy an FX-4100 in WoW, even if the FX is overclocked to 4.6ghz. The FX-4100's Bulldozer architecture is simply too weak, WoW's coding is biased towards Intel architecture, and while the I3 isn't a true quad, though it can support 4 total threads through hyper-threading, the FX quad cores aren't true quads either because they only have 2 floating point units (4 integer units).

A Vishera core FX-4300 overclocked will hold its own with the I3-3240, but will probably still get beaten in WoW, sadly. The FX-6300, like Chelsi says, is generally superior to the I3 in everything because of the full size L3 cache (same as the 8xxx series) and 3 floating point units. In WoW though, even overclocked the FX-6300 would likely only about match the I3. It will win in other games though, and nearly all other applications.

Overclocking an I3 sucks because it's locked. You have to raise the bus, thereby throwing other clocks (pci-e, ram) out of spec. You can probably squeeze 100-150mhz out of it that way before it becomes unstable.
i have 150 dollars to spend here. plain and simple. that with or without aftermarket cooling. give me a combination that will run me 150. if that a 100 dollar processor that needs a 50 dollar cooler, fine. or just a 150 processor that doesnt need a cooler. 150 dollars, give or take. i want the best bang for my buck, for world of warcraft only. and ill be using a 6870.

thank you

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