fx 4100 a 4.6 ghz or i3 3240 ivy?

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can one of you please answer my question instead of arguing :( lol
this is a new build, from scratch
i need a motherbaord and a cpu, ill get the ram after i establish what cpu im getting
no, lol i want to spend just around 150 on a processor plus the fan if i need an aftermarket. im looking at 600 for the whole build.
all im trying to do is run wow on ultra, with good frames. so what im asking is if i gave you 150 dollars, and told you to find the best processor for 150 dollars, and the budget had to include a fan/heatsink, what would you go with?
i have windows 7 prof
and that would max me out on wow with a 6870?
I'd go with FX-6300 when it comes down $10-$20 bucks again (just the other week it was $120 online, currently it's $140...just wait a few days) and a CoolerMaster (212 or TX3) or Zalman Performa cooler for under $20 online and jack that thing as close as you can get to 5ghz with stability. lol.

Edit: Kayko is right - go I5.
okay tyvm and the 3470 is better then the 2500k correct?

well what video card would be better for around 150 ish?
you convinced me to go for the i5, hopefully i wont be let down! thanks so much :)
There's HD 7870 for $190. 40 more, but noticeably more power. But needs to be bought ASAP
A 6870 would do very little limitations. Even under heavy 25 man raids my gpu load isn't over 70%. Though if able a 7870 would be the better choice.
Here is the source btw: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-fx-pentium-apu-benchmark,3120-10.html

For 70 bucks, the G860 is the best CPU, for 80 bucks you can get a G2120(ivy bridge version more IPC's faster clock 10% performance gain). The I3-3220 is basically a G2120 with hyperthreading, but at the 120-140 range you can get an FX-6300 which due to the increase in IPC's performs MUCH better than the FX-6100/6200 and is recommended.

for 80 bucks you can get a Phenom II X4 965 black edition, and overclock it to stomp the G2120. with a hyper 212 air or a corsair H80 liquid cooler, you can get the 965 a good bit past 4 Ghz, or even higher if you are brave. i have mine at 4 Ghz, cooled by an antec kuhler h20 620, and i have plenty of thermal headroom to push it farther. really, at this point, below the $200 line you should only go intel if you won't or can't overclock.

but yeah, for AMD just skip the bulldozer generation altogether. i like to pretend it doesn't exist. either go phenom II or skip to Vishera.

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