Bear/cat form art removal

Warcraft Druids (specifically those that favor close-quarters combat) have been associated with animals since their implementation. To want to take that away from the specs they're built around - even as a choice - is kinda...bizarre to say the least. It takes away the point of a major part of why you're a Druid.

For combat, Druids are known for 2 major fighting styles - calling upon nature/the moon and stars (Balance) and calling upon their respective animal totem (Guardian/Feral).

In WC3, both Treants and "Wildkin" (Moonkin) both existed. However, neither of them were "Druid forms" until WoW allowed them to, so I completely understand the argument the casters had for (choice) removal of their respective forms. Using restorative magics or calling upon Elune's fury as a Druid was something you could do without the forms.

However, it's a bit hard to justify attacking close-quarters as a Druid without the aid of your animal totem. As far as I'm aware, there is no known close-quarters combat style a Druid has that does not involve an animal form.

If you say "To hell with lore!", then you're ignoring what makes every class their own and I'd have to question why you chose a Druid in the first place when it was made quite clear turning into an animal was a major part of it (for some more than others).


The remnants of "Moonkin"-esque things still procc'ing or associated with Astral form sounds like developer laziness. It's alot simpler to just copy+paste spells than to just make entirely new ones to fit a "flavor".

Granted - and I think others will agree with me here - hearing the Moonkin squawk while in Astral form kinda...defeats half the purpose of the glyph. >.> I don't doubt it will get changed eventually, however.

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