Mouse problems.

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Reinstalled all add-ons, up to date.

It seems whenever I try to reposition my action buttons, it would initiate the action instead of letting me drag it. I feel like its acting "on click" instead of on release. I checked the settings and the box is not marked, the one that says "cast action keybinds on key down" Just started to happen today, wasn't happening yesterday. Not a new mouse either.

It works fine out of the game but its only in game. Confused :3

EDIT :: It seems to be double clicking really fast too D:
Did you check if the "lock action bars" box is checked or not? If that is checked then dragging wouldn't be possible. I imagine this would cause what you describe, though I have never locked my action bars myself.
No my action bars are not locked :s

It happens when I try to move my character as well. I hold down both mouse buttons to move and my character would stutter like my left mouse button had registered but was double clicked or something.
Hmm, in that case only things I can think of are checking the system settings for the mouse and making sure the mouse's physical connection isn't loose or something. Though its probably something else if it works fine out of game. Good luck, sorry I couldn't be of more help.
@Atenstein, no need to apologize! Ty for bouncing ideas :D Im just as stumped :(

I've tried the mouse settings as well but it's just behaving weird in game.
Only thing i could think of... would be to try it, without ANY addons.. see if it still does it.

Also a full reset of keybindings, might help.
Yep no addons and when I try to like pan the camera around my guy, the little hand which is the cursor dissappears on click and when I start going around my guy it appears, which in turn stops the camera, then resumes to pan, all the while I'm holding the left mouse button.

*sad face*
Did you enable hardware cursor and the reduce input lag options in the interface options? If so does it resolve the issue when you disable them? I am curious because I am seeing a lot of people having issues with the mouse including myself having an issue where sometimes when I try to pan my camera with my right mouse button is does not register the click therefore sometimes I am unable to pan my view which severely impacts game play.
And I was also wondering what video card do you have? Thanks.
You're not the only one. I've had that same problem too for a while now.

I've always thought I was having problems with my mouse, but then I realized that this was only happening in-game. I've since then learned how to play with the random clicking, however now and again it still really annoys me.

The only difference in our problems is that it's the left button for me lol

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