Remote Auction House ("Account is not active"

Mobile Bug Report
This is being investigated. There are several issues occurring simultaneously so it may take some time before this is resolved.
Bump for having the same issue!!
Same issue.
I talked to customer service, my yearly subscription run out from the "yearly" pass. They said I have to selection subscription option. Hope this help, scared myself.
I just started having this issue a few hours ago. Any ideas how to resolve It? Not sure if It occurred after the realm maintenance today or not. This is annoying!
Just started having this issue this morning. "Account not active" - although I am able to actually log in to the game fine.
Just to add to my post above - when I check the subscription status page for my account, it shows as "pending". I'm using the annual pass, which doesn't end for several months. However, the 'game time' field shows as having expired some time last night - which is obviously not the case as I can still log in to the game and am in the midst of my annual pass (which I haven't cancelled or suspended).
Just started having this issue today. Annoying.
This just started for me as well. :(
same problem here.
Just got the error message as of today. Put me on the list.
Occurred for me today.

EDIT: Also, getting the " is unavailable" message in my Friends List in-game. Related?
Same is happening to me. Account is not active and pending status on billing. Now i have to actually do work today ;(
Same thing here. thought my sub fee is pending but that's normal for me. Can log in an d play on both accounts fine but cannot use guild chat.
Getting the same this morning ... Same story worked last night not working this morning. Remote on web site stops when creating auctions.
Just wanted to add that previously I have not had this issue and now suddenly today I am. I am getting the "This World of Warcraft account is locked, banned,suspended, or under review. This feature cannot be used until any outstanding issues are resolved." version of the error.
It happened to me since last night and has been in 'account is not in active' status for 10 hours already....sigh
Last night I was on the mobile AH with no issues. All day today I have been unable to utilize many of the features on the Android mobile app. The fact that a portion of the message states "...or under review.", coupled with the current "pending" status of my account waiting for my payment to go through for my monthly renewal (due to expire today, reflecting "pending transaction" in my bank), leads me to believe that the issue is directly related to the account status shifting to pending. I anticipate I will be able to access my Mobile features in full again some time between midnight tonight and 0600 hours tomorrow morning after the the payment goes through. I will follow up on this post tomorrow morning.

><)))*> UPDATE: The following morning (now) my features returned in full. Fish On!
Has anyone's remote access returned after this? I have seen a lot of people with the same issue, but I'm not sure if this is going to be a 10 hour problem or a 10 day problem for me..

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