I was wondering if I should use my valor for Blossom of Pure Snow or should I get something else? thoughts on this trinket or what trinket I should get or what I should use my valor on?
I'd wait till I had enough for the helm personaly. But that's just me.
11/29/2012 08:14 AMPosted by Peppeppe
I'd wait till I had enough for the helm personaly. But that's just me.

Yup...helm first...I have both now, and the trinket is nice...but you need bigger help with your headpiece than your trinkets atm....although why you snagged a healer trinket in the first place, I'm not sure either.
Depending on how long it takes to get to Revered, that Operation Shieldwall trinket is really good. You might get lucky with the LFR Elegon trinket though.
This trinket with what spec?
I don't think the trinket is good at all. If you need to fill a slot perhaps... I've been raiding with Jade Magistrate (BOE version of this) and last night I picked up Relic of Yu'lon. Swapping in Relic my dps was significantly higher. I can confirm this with logs.

This trinket adds about 6% crit on proc. With regards to big ignites you want as much int spinning as possible when you go to load up your combustion. This means...

Light of the Cosmos
Jade Spirit
Relic of Yulon
Synapse Springs
(Potion optional)

With all of these going at once then ----> POM + PYROBLAST! + HU + Alter time = massive ignite ticks.

For me, synapse springs and this trinket share a CD so that's a loss of int stacks.

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