Rare mob respawn timer addon?

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Does such a thing exist? I sat for an hour, no joke, waiting for one of the mobs that drops the blood soaked invitation to respawn, and for most of that time I was waiting alone. Then about a minute before the npc spawned, 4 people flew in and started AoE attacking the spawn point like they knew the mob was about to respawn, making my hour wait pointless. Is there an addon that gives this kind of information, or do these people just have WAY too much time on their hands?
Get NPC Scan, its the best you'll be able to find. It will let you know when one is alive near you.
I have it, but it really doesn't help when as soon as the npc spawns, 4 people show up as if they knew exactly when the respawn was.
The respawns are on a rough timer, if you happen to know what it is you can make an educated guess but its no more than that. The shorter the period between attempts to guess the more accurate your guess will probably be - meaning that if i know the mob I'm looking for was on yesterday at 4:30 then chances are fair that I can find it around the same time the next day - over a longer period that guess becomes less accurate as most of the mobs have additional variables that affect respawn
Was this really worth the necro?

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