[H] 25m <Procure> 6/6mv 6/6hof 2/4toes


Currently looking to fill out an exceptional 25 man raiding guild that will serve not only as a spot for you to raid, but a place for you for the long run. We want three things from our members.

1. Synergy between all people. Get along well with others.
2. Have a community outside of raiding to get to know each other, and play other games.
3. Have a place where you can progress at an at to above par standard.

Raid nights : Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7-11 Central DT

Loot : EPGP

Progression -

6/6 5/6 first week together

We have a couple main expectations of you before you join our ranks. You must have some experience. As we are doing a twenty - five, there is a litte leeway but we would like every applicant to have at least 6/6 MSV , and 4/6 HoF. Secondly, you must have 90% + attendance. Any and all raid missing must be communicated firsthand. We expect you to keep up to date with strategies and your class via our guild forums, and lastly expect you take raiding seriously. We aren't looking at it like a 'job' but we get 12 hours a week together, and we want to make the most that we can out of that 12 hour /wk. raiding.

Currently have main needs for any Ranged dps. If your class is still listed feel free to contact anyway!
If you want to find out more, or want to talk to us - add my battle tag or find me in game!

still looking!
up to the bottom of the top
Going out of town till tues.

Still add me with interest and I'll get back when I can.
I swear Resto shamans don't exist
to the left to the right everyone UP
Bamp cause this is interesting. I wonder if they can procure the members to progress.
back up
Potentially interested.
12/06/2012 05:07 AMPosted by Theyas
Potentially interested.

Add my BattleTag and well talk when I get home from work.

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