Few tips on demo spec

Started my lock in TBC and went as Afflic all way to Kara and BT. Used a bit destro when it got buffed, but that's way before any "embers" were in game:P Funny, no need to fill soul shard bag with shards while farming spiders in Terrok before raid:) Recently I put her back into service and got to lev 88 as Afflic mostly through instances, quests and farming.

Could someone be kind enough to post a quick a dirty AOE rotation for Demo so I could practice while farming? Most of the spells are completely new to me after all the changes.

Also what glyphs are useful for aoe instance/farm?

Would greatly appreciate the help
The question really becomes: Do you want to know what your AoE rotation should be in an instance? Or do you want to know how to AoE farm as demo?

AoE Farming while demo - Dark Apotheosis, all day erry day. Glyph of Demon Hunting

AoE in an intanace: Hand of Guldan, Wrathguard (or double felguard) spin, meta for immo aura if you're overflowing DF (not likely) or Multi-dooming. Depending on how long the adds are going to stay up, really. The longer they're going to stay up, the more benefit Multi-Dooming brings. If they're going to die relatively fast (ie before Shadowflame stops ticking) then a Chaos Wave is awesome.

That's what I've found, personally and anecdotally.

Note: Dark Apotheosis + wrathguard is actually slower to kill single target (when soloing, natch) than doing a normal rotation. You don't gain the benefit of Mastery to buff your damage while in DA form. It's mostly useful for the survivability: I use it to gather 10 mobs to AoE to death during dailies. Also note that when leaving Dark Apotheosis, your DF will drain to a maximum of 200. You can hit Meta and quickly multi-doom if you have a lot of DF though, if you're fast about it.

Sorry for the rambling. Any questions let me know. Also, I'd check out icyveins.com for their guide on Demo. Probably a bit easier to read than my nonsense.
Thank you very much:)

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