Mage or Lock

Guys, i want to be a dwarf i see so little of them and they are just awesome... I'm stuck between lock or mage and was wondering on your opinion. Also if you could recommend me a server with a good amount of allies (hopefully horde:alliance ratio balanced) that aren't children like my first server, Andorhal.
for RP reasons alone you must roll a dark skinned dwarf fire mage.
Sounds good but i wouldnt know which server :(, also wish more people replied to questions that qq threads
how would I know which server? My highest lvl alliance toon is 32.
I have both, I do better as Mage as this is my first max level toon. However, the more complex play of a warlock can be fun too. I'll say try both and see which one you prefer.

I play on Misha, it is not bad. I believe the trick is to play during hours when most of the adults are off work (eg. after 7pm Pacific). That way you'll have a higher adults-to-kids ratio in the game world.
It also tends to help if you're on an older server. Eldre'Thalas was one of the originals so the number of little kids is much lower. (Although we do have some after getting flagged "New Players" earlier this year for a little bit)
Don't listen when people say that warlock is a complex class. It's not, it's just clunky. At first you will love it and think that there are limitless possibilities, then you will just realize that all the chunkiness provides a shroud that makes the class look interesting.

Destro gets annihilated by good melee. Demo is clunky and gimmicky. You can excel with demo but you can also pick up another class (such as a mage) and do it much easier. Affliction does a lot of damage when you spread dots but when you try to burst, people just follow that purple line to you and global you.

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