"Let them win"

If the opposing team is about to get a 3-cap on gilneas, and your entire team is on the graveyard, you're not "letting" them win. They are steamrolling you and are going to win regardless of what you do.

I absolutely love how people think they have any control over a match when they are clearly outclassed by the enemy team, and yet insist on saying stupid crap like that.

Sometimes you can come back and win, yes. When 9 out of 10 team members are dead, and the other team has a 3-cap and the score is 200 to 1950, guess what? That's not one of those times.

What is your favorite use of the "let them win" phrase?

I think I'm gonna try saying it when we have a decisive victory in our hands, just to see reactions.
BG chat whining comes in many forms. This is one of them.

It's actually rather rare in the BGs I do though. Most of time, players are prepared to leave a couple of minutes in at the first sign of the 2nd base being taken, 1st EFC cap, etc.
If im in a eots...and the opposing team is 1000 and we are 10...and all derping in the middle of nowhere road fighting...YES let them win. Even though we clearly are already...but stop doing anything to prolong the agony.

If we are losing 2-0 in wsg...and theres 5 mins left on the timer...and everyone turtles in our FR with the flag for no good reason...DROP THE DAMN FLAG AND LET THEM WIN.

There is ALWAYS a proper time to "let them win"
11/29/2012 05:10 PMPosted by Shâd
There is ALWAYS a proper time to "let them win"
I never give up in bgs! This one time we were getting steam rolled in wsg. I mean 5 of the top 6 in kills and damage were allies. We were down 0-2 with 4 mins left but I managed to capped one while they were camping the rest of my team mates in the gy. once I capped a druid quickly picked it up and then the allies paniced and chased after him and we ended up capping with 1 min left and won the game. Never give up!
I like hearing "let them win" one cap into WsG. I've seen some of the most amazing turn arounds with good teamwork. In one match, a premade from Kilrogg (that is actually advertising for players) decided to push my team into the GY thinking they were tough, all decked out in heirlooms. They held the flag the entire match until someone zoned in, went out around them, grabbed their flag, and hid near their GY.

The Allies got cocky so too many must have broken off from the group, some chasing stragglers, some looking for the FC, because a few minutes later, we offed their OP FC, returned the flag, and capped with maybe 8 minutes to spare. The entire group of guildies in the BG /afked out in a fit and we won. :D

As for the original point, I totally agree. I don't know how many times my entire team has been sitting in the GY and someone says "let them win". A few times I've said, "No 'letting' needed..." and a few times I've gotten my head chewed off for it so I usually just laugh to myself and wait for it to end...
"Let them Win" is lame.
"Change win condition" is fun.

0/2 with five minutes left in you Twin Peaks? Change win condition!
"If I can land a killing blow on three hunter pets before the match is over then it's a personal triumph."

Flippin screwed in a Gilneas where your team is 800 points behind?
"RP walk to waterworks with out dying."
In that case "Let them win" just means; don't prolong the agony.
11/29/2012 06:46 PMPosted by Toskosa
rofl who premades low levels battlegrounds? thats just sad

Some guilds specialize in gearing up lowbie toons, hopping on Vent, and sitting in the enemy team's GY. It's just funny when they fail at it. :)
"Let them win"

No response.

"Must be a bot team."

We were up 1-0 in a game of Warsong, but we were getting killed left and right, and I heard someone say "let them win"

It's pretty bad when you give up while ahead instead of even trying to hold a lead
Generally speaking, by time time someone on my team says "Just let them win.", my reply has to be "Let them? That implies you could stop them if you wanted to."
In say, AB we're about 25 seconds into the match. "OH FRIG THEY GOT FARM U IDIOTZ GG LET THEM WIN"
I /facepalm irl.

11/29/2012 04:55 PMPosted by Nemuraan
Sometimes you can come back and win, yes. When 9 out of 10 team members are dead, and the other team has a 3-cap and the score is 200 to 1950, guess what? That's not one of those times.

Correct. At that point, I tend to just fight players if there is just no way of winning.
At the start of Gilneas games I always tell the team not to immediately split our resources across 3 bases as it usually results in a loss. 3 to LH, 7 to WW, LH people call inc if it goes there. Simple.

When people listen to me we usually win. When people don't we usually lose.

Often there are some people who think they're really smart going to Mine early and "ninja capping" it, less than half the time this is successful and even when it is, then 9/10 times Mine is lost to first wave of rezzers, and we didn't secure WW because the people who should've been there helping went to Mine.

When a plan is presented by someone, unless an alternative plan is presented you should do the presented plan because ANY plan is better than NO plan.

I hate scrubs.

That's my little mostly off-topic contribution to this thread.
When someone says "let them win" I usually respond with "never give up!". This happened on my Druid in IoC and as soon as we launched from the gates, someone started complaining about how we needed to go to docks instead of the workshop and that we lost the game already and should let them win. We ended up taking WS and left about 5 kitties and a couple rogues stealthed to take care of stragglers that would try to cap. We owned them slowly. We decided not to kill the boss because he's too strong for our levels and we didn't want to keep wiping, which would help the horde. It was really fun blowing little hordies up from 100-0 in a stunlock in our little stealthed army. I know those horde had to be raging on their end lol.

Everyone of course rubbed it in that "let them win" guy's face too while we were winning.
Ironically, I don't hear "Let them win" much anymore due to rampant botting.
It frustrates me when people say stuff like that, but I am generally pretty tolerant of it when there is clearly no way to win the battleground (e.g. down 0-2 in WSG with 2 minutes left on the clock). Notably, in this situation saying that is pretty redundant, and it is pretty ignorant to actually think that nobody else knows that your team is losing.

Personally, I belong to the win or die trying club. I make the other team fight for every inch of ground, even if they are only twelve inches away from their goal.

When someone advocates giving up at the start of the battleground, I often counter them and say that the BG just started, even if we are down by a margin. I keep an eye on the person whining, and if they don't participate in the battleground at all after a while, I flag them afk.

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