Stealth not working?

Has happened quite a few times already on my rogue. Hunters can see me from very far 55 yards or so..

being that as it may , now I see almost everyone can see me from a few yards out.

Also stealth breaks at random... And I have a level 90 rogue

some sort of clarification from the blues be nice...seeing that this problem has been around for 2 months now.

Stealth is what rogues are built around. It would be better if blizzard got rid of stealth as a mechanism and make us like dual wielding swashbucklers or something. And goes without saying that then they should buff us for the lack of stealth.

Pretty sure it is:
Pick a pocket without the Subterfuge talent and the mob turns and actually targets you for a split second before de-targetting....and then still usually aggros.
OK, I came on this forum to see if anyone else was having issues with stealth.

I see the answer is "Yes"

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