GG Engineering (Brawler Guild, R7M1)

I just beat this fight and it was the hardest so far, so I just wanted to share with you guys my tactics. It was actually really easy with this strat. I beat enrage by well over 30 seconds, used almost no cooldowns, and ended with full HP.

In addition... about 30seconds before the fight, someone in the arena (a blood DK) was fighting Disruptron, whose lasers killed me WHILE I WAS OUTSIDE THE ARENA (be careful!). Luckily, a guy ressed me. The second I got ressed, though, I got warped into the arena. No buffs. I also wasn't flasked. I had 50% HP. All I had going for me was deadly poison and leeching poison hadn't fallen off. I sat down and began eating food, and the bosses spawned (I'm still at around 55% HP) and started running towards me. I did not get an opener because of this!

Key tactics or tips:

-Obviously you want to stay on Bo and bomb him with the other guy's rocket projectlies.

-Pick up Dirty Tricks. Gouge every few/every other Death Ray to minimize his damage. YOU CAN NOT OUTHEAL IT. PREVENT IT! Kidney shot when possible! You can also blind one if !@#$ hits the fan! Cloak immuning works, but I am unsure about the normal missing component (It hits for physical damage -- rockets hit for fire and can be immuned as well as missed! -- but since it can't be evasion'ed I assume cloak works against it). My primary use for cloak was sitting on top of the boss to ensure maximum rocket strikes.

-If combat, like me, make a cancelaura macro for Killing Spree, or don't bother using it at all!

-When the barriers go up, QUICKLY RUN INSIDE AND BANDAGE (rather than killing the barriers)! The timing I noticed was that I could tank 3 rockets ("Immune"'d) while bandaging before the next one hit, so be ready to move quickly!

-Use recuperate. This is NOT a DPS race AT ALL, the barrages do the VAST MAJORITY of the damage! My Skada for the fight says I only did a TOTAL of 3.17M damage, out of 12+M hp. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE HOW MUCH THEY WILL DO. This is 100% a fight for survival.

-I broke ZERO immunity shields. In one case, I actually stayed inside of the immunity shell while Bo walked outside to meet me (when I was running to it), so I safely DPSed him from inside! Don't bother DPSing them. They die naturally in about 10 seconds (and have about 500k life, meaning it'd take like 10s to kill anyway). This is a good time to bandage, and I am pretty sure shiv'ing a leeching poison into an immune guy will still heal you, though someone else might want to clarify. Even if it didn't, you could shiv the barrier projector.

-Smoke bomb doesn't work to interrupt the Death Ray. Don't bother with it. From what I can tell, combat readiness and evasion are both useless - opt for Nerve Strike, even if it is only minorly useful occasionally.

DON'T OVERCOMPLICATE IT! My original strategies involved focus blinds and focus gouges and all kinds of %^-* like that. It isn't worth it! Just keep it simple. Obey the mechanics and do your best to prevent yourself from taking damage and it's an easy fight!

Good luck fellow Rogues!
How long roughly did it take you to kill it on that attempt, i did 7-8 tries last night, and kept dying sub 20%, not from enrage but I wasn't avoiding death ray enough.

I got very flustered figuring out if i should keep damaging the target outside the bubble, or stay in the bubble and let the rockets do their work.

I manage to chop off 20% of their hp in the first 10 seconds, and i just kind of slowly lose hp from that point on.
That data has been lost, but the ground wasn't even fired up when I won, if that's any indicator.

I won with roughly full hp. You need to avoid death ray like I suggested in my post -- those free gouges, kidney shots, a blind, and standing in the immunity zone and using bandages were all key. In addition, I recuperated once or twice as well, if I recall.

When Bo was outside the bubble, I stayed on him damaging him and locking him down. When he teleported inside, I sprinted inside the bubble and bandaided/shiv'ed leeching to heal to full.

Like I said, I started at 50% HP and ended with 100%. You just need good control of Bo from then on, and the lynchpin: BANDAGE inside of the immunity bubble. NEVER kill the shield generator.
Ahh K thanks. I think honestly my biggest issue was feeling the need to not be inside the bubble and doing more damage. Also didn't know I could shiv inside the bubble. Thanks ^_^

Edit: just one shot it after doing this. ty so much
I struggled and struggled on this with my rogue.

I picked up

Shadow Focus
Nerve Strike
Dirty Tricks

Fight opens: bf up, pot up KS... after Killing Spree ends rockets fall, BF up as they're both together and popped spring to make running around them in a tight circle a joke, interrupting with gouge, kidney shot.

First bubble, already had 5 pt Recup so I stayed in there until rockets fell, went out, kept interrupting with gouge or kick, would cloak whenever I could, also would spam Feint every time the buff fell off.

Don't lose track of the missiles, don't tunnel on dps, interrupt as much as possible. I spent a good 30 attempts on this
Bless you. I was raging so bad at this fight. I knew the strat but I always saw "mitigate the ray damage". Totally wasn't thinking stuns = mitigating the damage. Derp, bad rogue. On to the next one!
just wait till you fight dark summoner! LOL. but good advice, biggest thing that helped me beat it was definitely dirty tricks talent. gouge, kidney shot, blind....use them on every death ray you can! well cept blind, save that for if you cant gouge or kidney shot it; i actually didnt need blind at all. if you can get this down, the rest of the fight is all about dodging...its definitely not a dps race if done right
I am still having issues with the GG Engineering fight so may I ask a favor?

Can you post a picture of your action bar? It will help me get organized with the order for attacks and save me from another failure
06/23/2014 08:09 PMPosted by Ragnewreck
I am still having issues with the GG Engineering fight so may I ask a favor?

Can you post a picture of your action bar? It will help me get organized with the order for attacks and save me from another failure

The order of an action bar doesn't really mean anything. Keybinds are important though, and those a personal preference thing. Only real "rule" to follow is don't set something to a key you can't easily reach.
Great guide! Cool to see some info on how to preform as a Brawler!
I love the writer of this post TwT thank you, thank you, thank you
Try Hexos then come back and tell me GG engineering Is "difficult" That Is all.

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