delete thread

We are 5/6 H MSV + 6/6 H MSV

pls also invite
HI, I'd like to join. However, after I get some heroic kills I would like to leave and make a guild of my own if that's OK.
This sounds legit. Please invite I'll do anything.
11/6 H MSV? /ginvite asap plx
So do I apply at
Lol, you edited your post.

More of along the lines you wanted to bail for one boss to hang out with friends. We don't need people who want to bail with 30 minutes left.

I really hope you don't afk as much as you did in One with this guild. I'll feel sorry for them.

I wasn't even going to get involved with this because I don't care, you were here for one week. But it's hilarious that you changed your post from the "I just wanted to hang out with friends, was only going to miss one boss".

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