Shieldwall Quartermaster Daily Quests

Im just curious if these quests were intended to give 0 rep with operation shieldwall? Currently the three cage quests that the quartermaster sells for 30 commendation are dailys that can be completed but only offer VP, lesser charms, and gold. I just wanted to check if there were indeed intended to not give rep for completion. Just seems kinda strange to me that these give 0 rep considering how long they take to complete.
The current situation is that these quests do not get rep for any faction, nor do the follow quests for each. Whether this is what is intended is unknown, but this is the fact. Of course getting one of the beasts allows the battle against the beast to happen which gives a quest that rewards 200 rep.
yeah i figured that the was the correct forum to post it in since it probably wasnt a bug and is woring as intended but was trying to get a confirmation if it was intended. For the amount of time it takes to complete these dailys they really should give rep.
I think the devs have this idea that because any number of people can get rep from a single summon, it's OK to make it a slow drop rate to fill the traps. They fail to account for the fact that the person who shoulders the burden of enabling that summon needs to have a special reward, if they're going to make the drop rate so low.

My current plan is not to farm the traps, just to use animals that others have caught, unless they increase the drop rate or add a reward for trapping.
Same here. I have gotten each of the animals just to make sure. Now, I just help others kill animals that are caught. When I did the crane one it took like three days since I really got sick of killing so many birds. A feather or two a day was enough. Just wasted thirty tokens each day. But at least you can grind those out pretty easily.

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