(H) <Revenant> LF DPS for 10M

<Revenant> Horde – Kil’Jaeden US

Seeking 1-2 solid melee dps.
Arms Warrior
Enhance Shaman (OS Heal knowledge a plus)

Low need, but would be considered…
Monk Healer/Tank
Elemental Shaman

As MoP evolves, we have run into some IRL roadblocks that have
resulted in a lack of consistency in our attendance and performance of
a couple spots in our 10man raid. We are looking for skilled adult
raiders who are very knowledgeable of their class, boss mechanics,
raid awareness and are 90-95% consistent with attendance.

We raid Wed/Thus from 6-9pm server. We also have off-night guild
transmog, LFR and achievement runs as well as casually grouped pvp sessions. We are planning on 2/6HoF and normal ToES progression on
Wed's and 4-6/6 MV and further progression on Thu's.
TeamSpeak is required to be downloaded and we will supply guild food
and flasks.

Whisper/In Game Mail Rexigar or Macallan for further details.

About Revenant

We are a multi game community currently developing our WoW division.
Our guild is level 25 and was started towards the end of Cataclysm. We
are a mix of experienced WoW players and people crossing over from other MMO’s.
Some have come from other servers to play with us. Many have come from our previously
successful division in SWTOR, and we are aiming to build our community into WoW. We currently also have a Planetside 2 division starting the recruitment process. We also have members currently playing D3, GW2, DOTA and Tera. We currently have around 30-40 members and active forums.

Our Personality

Our core members are all 21+, most of us married with wives and/or
kids. We are looking for mature people to join our community and build
our WoW guild whether you are interested in just WoW or participating
in other games. We have players all over the country, with many of our
gaming community leaders within the upstate New York area. Many of us
either work together or have a personal tie to someone in the guild.
We have a fun and joking environment, but put our game faces on come
raid time. Trolls? We have a section of our forum dedicated to just
this. Create drama in game? We are close knit, so if we feel that
someone is hindering our gaming experience, they more than likely
would be removed, but joking and hazing becomes more and more
tolerable as you get to know us. Disclaimer: There is no language
filter and we joke and drink in Teamspeak all the time. If you are
sensitive to hazing or light hearted name calling, this may not be the
environment for you. This is why 21+ is a must. Gear problems? We can
fix that. We are not loot/iLvl !@#$%s and we can take any mature adult
willing the listen and take constructive criticism, and develop them
into a player that will have a positive impact on the content that we
are clearing. Not a “raider”, or consider yourself “casual”? Not a
problem. We are always looking for people to become members of our
active gaming community and we will be doing guild events such as old
contents/achievement/world pvp and LFR in the future that all guild members
will be open to participate in.

Raiding Schedule

We currently raid on Wednesday and Thursday Evening from 6pm to 9pm
server time. Our goal is to be normal clearing with some heroics once
we have 100% established our raiding composition. In the mean time, we
have been improving every single week.

We plan to develop our core 10man raiding team and then continue to
build from there. Our play style isn’t hardcore, but we plan on
clearing normal content each patch and pushing heroic content. 25man
is realistic if we build a large enough player base, but many of us
know each other IRL and prefer a smaller group. We will more than
likely focus on PvE content at first and then slowly develop a PvP
division of our guild as it grows.

You can contact any of our core members if you see them online, but
whisper or in-game mail Macallan or Rexigar for details or an invite.

Revenant is still looking for good players to join our ranks.
Updated our recruitment needs.
Still looking for a solid dps or 2. Would consider a solid tank or a solid healer w/ a strong os dps. Prefer Melee DPS atm.

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