Brawlers Guild Rank 8 Enrage Timers

They're ridiculously tight, for shadow priests at least, every fight favors classes with massive cool-downs, simply because it is restricted to 2 minutes.

For Disruptron the DPS requirement to meet his 104 second enrage is 100.7k, for a shadow priest, that number is a phenomenon, but next to impossible if you actually do the fight without levitate and the safe spot.

Epicus has a slightly more forgiving enrage of 110 seconds, which only requires 95.2k DPS, but you lose 15 seconds of pre-pot to role-play, this would be possible with near BiS gear and some decent luck.

Millhouse was tight if you got bad starting spawns for the crystals, but once you get an attempt where you can block both of the crystals for the first 1-2 sets, the enrage is easily met.

The eye beam guy was easy, but for classes without a strong and consistent AoE attack, it's going to be rough with the amount of time spend on the adds.

I personally love how hard it is to kill these guys, what i don't love is watching a fire mage 20 ilvl's below me wiggle in and roflstomp millhouse without even batting an eye, simply because he is blessed with heroism.
If any sort of balance is to be maintained between classes on the difficulty of meeting the enrage timer, you can't allow 3 classes to use a 10 minute cooldown in a 2 minute fight.

EDIT - I have been enlightened as to the mechanics of Disruptron's "teleport enrage", i assumed it was based from fight start, but it is in-fact from ~35%, meaning the fight has two DPS checks, one from 100% to 35% which requires a mere 64.8k DPS, and a 22-24 second burn from 35% to 0% which demands 152-166k DPS (I feel this is obtainable, but i guess I'll see)
I have to agree with this 100%. Classes with large damage CDs routinely walk through fights that push me up against enrage. I'm having a hard time coming up with a class that doesn't have a useful CD. We pretty much only have shadow fiend which gets 1-2 shot most of the time but even if it survives, it isn't nearly enough.

You can't really compare different classes because they are just that, different. Though, as far as I can tell, completing the Brawler's Guild will require a much higher ilvl for priests than it will for other classes.
I don't think lust should be allowed
12/01/2012 02:56 AMPosted by Sweetbro
I don't think lust should be allowed

I don't think things should be removed. I feel like most of the classes are fine but priests are devoid of literally any decent damage cd.
Nothing should be removed. If it's part of your class you should be allowed to use it. I can't use Misdirect and, after rank 7, Mend pet. My pet is basically a bubble that soaks some damage and goes away.
Hey guys i recently reached Rank 8 earlier today and I am just having alot of trouble with the bosses i gave up after 2 attempts on Disruptron and 5 on Epicus Maximus. I decided to search the internet for guides on how to do these fights and I continuously run across the "enrage" problem so i have a question.. my ilvl is 485 as an affliction warlock am I going to be able to kill any of these bosses or do I need to wait till I have more gear?
12/07/2012 12:23 AMPosted by Stedymobbin
my ilvl is 485 as an affliction warlock am I going to be able to kill any of these bosses or do I need to wait till I have more gear?

I was able to kill Zen-shar with a 492 ilvl after some practice.

My first few attempts I felt the same as almost everyone else complaining on the forums - ilvl this, ilvl that, Jesus hit Abraham with a wiffle ball bat...

Died at 50%, then 40%, then 12%, then 8%, then a few good attempts later I hear someone on vent saying I'm about to kill him and I didn't even notice how far ahead I was on enrage.

The hardest part is probably the RNG for getting the boss you are talented for and progressing on when you're first starting on Rank 8.

Epicus will probably be out of your range for now. And Millhouse is just 100% RNG with crystal placement.
all of the rank 8 fights heavily favor ranged classes....
12/16/2012 12:05 PMPosted by Butchér
all of the rank 8 fights heavily favor ranged classes....
The vast majority of all the fights favor ranged. That's not to say melee can't do them but they are much easier for ranged.
Agreed. But as we get more gear ( guessing ilvl will go up to at least 545 max next raid patch) , this will not be difficult forever. Maybe it's just time to sit on it until you get more gear.

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