<Complexity> (25)(A) Recruiting - PVP/PVE

<Complexity> is recruiting for players interested in PVP and PVE, casuals / people wanting a fun laid back guild are always welcome.

Spots open in RBG teams (we also run alt RBG's), spots also open in Raid groups, possible officer positions open for those interested, Achivement, Mount,Mog Runs.

We are casual/fun/social/anything and everything, just looking for more ppl to fill our ranks!

We are still forming our main groups (RBG group almost finished), so bring friends, ect ^.^

PVP: RBG's Tues/Thrs 830pm-1130pm Server time

PVP wise we are in need of: FC / Frost DK / MW Monk / Hunter / Warlock / Feral Druid / Resto Shaman / Holy Pally / Fire Mage
PVE: Raids Wed/Mon 830pm-1130pm Server time

PVE wise we are in need of: Ranged DPS/Heals/Tanks

For additional info just ask here, or whisper any of our members, and they will redirect you to a officer whos online. Members have the ability to invite, but cannot change member/officer notes which we use to track your guild progress/spec/ect.

We do in game recruitment process, were we will invite you, and you become an Initiate, and move up to member after being online, helping out, ect :D
Updated. 2012-12-21
Updated, 2013-01-04

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