Alchemist's Flask needs to be separate buff

I merely bring this up since while most classes can find a free 320 buff associated with them (Leg armor, Shoulder Scripts, Ring Enchants, Socket Bracers and Gloves) and constantly carry it with them, as well as being able to stack a guardian, and battle elixir; we have to chose between an elixir and our "trade buff." Which is treated as a flask.

My Solution: Make the buff Inherently built and remove the bonus from the mixology perk, which would prevent the other elixirs from being overpowered, or just let the alchemists flask not stack with other flasks, but no longer count as some sort of Battle/Guardian Elixir, or let it count as one of the two elixirs, to prevent stacking.

I further want to add that I think Alchemy is in a boring place. While most other professions get some amazing perk, or epic recipe that requires an insane amount of gathering to get this grand item; we pick weeds, and make consumable items. Yeah it's steady, not really hard, and it is useful, just nothing to really work up to. I save my SoHs for Golden Lotuses, and I have 10 of them in my bank, just waiting in case I need them for raid night. There's no recipe drops, no Rep benefits for us, or something to really look forward with excitement to
I'm amazed you can even sell your craft. On my server, flasks are worth less than a lotus. Alchemy is horrible right now...
Mixology applies to elixirs as well, allowing you to choose between primary or secondary stats. Though I will concede that the elixir system is broken right now with the current state of secondary elixirs.

I think we need a single elixir system, granting 1500 of a secondary stat (1980 for alchemists), doesn't persist through death. Then the flask system remains an expensive, 1000 point primary stat buff (1320 with mixology) that persists through death.

Oh, and the elixir of water walking really needs to be a potion...anything with less then an hour buff should.

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