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I've heard rumors that if you've quested out Shado-pan, that most of the Kun-Lai Runts will be phased to you. I took a flight over the spawn areas and didn't see anything (not surprising), but I'm wondering if it might be true. Can someone contribute either way, and maybe alert Mumper to this? I hates the Twitter, it burns. :(
I was already done with all of the quests in Kun-lai when the patch hit and found one up where Zhing patrols.
I did all those quests too and finally managed to find a couple last night. Didn't see any all the other times I flew around.
Alright. Thanks for the info :)
Just a small note for anyone interested: The runts can spawn at the Peak of Serenity. It's where I got mine while doing a monk daily. xD
I did every quest in Kun-Lai and I still found a bunch. So, maybe someone is out there farming for a rare? :/

Edit: I can spek da Engrish.
I finished all quests in Kun-Lai and farmed a rare of this by circling around 15 or so spawns with no downtime. They like to hang around the pathways.
ive done all the loremaster questing. but flying along the trail where they spawn i will find 8-10 at any given time. <3 and now i have Gorehowl the rare. someone else may have just been ahead of you and snapped em up. dont give up!
I didn't. :) Decided to check on my way to Courageous Yon from the Burning Spirit, and battled about eight of them. 2 poors, 1 common, picked up one uncommon, then saw one more in Peak of Serenity. Would have logged out on him like I did the rest (I try to not be greedy), but I wanted to take a shot at a battle-stone for my uncommon - and got one! :D One less pet to find, one less person to camp the Yetis.
12/01/2012 02:46 PMPosted by Vishali
Would have logged out on him like I did the rest (I try to not be greedy)

dont worry about that, the kun lai runts and eternal striders seem to be in ample supply compared to other 'new' pets.
I have 2 different toons at 90. One that's done all of summit, and one that's done very little. There are definitely 4-5 spawns that will phase out if you've done all the quests.
I also did all the quests, and found a number of Runts around the Shado-Pan Monastery.

I will say though, that the first time I went to check (and clear out other stuff for a while), I didn't see any. So, probably just unlucky right now. Try again in a while.
I've done virtually every quest in Pandaria and I found like a dozen Runts last night. So many I managed to farm out a rare one. So I'd call it safe to say you should have no issue.

And I found a couple here and there before that too (but those were lower quality ones, which is why I kept searching).
I found one at peak of serenity too. I was doing a monk daily with a level 22 alt and I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw it there.

And it was rare :)

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